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Hammer Bar and Long Rides

Postby wayne » Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:03 pm

I read under Hammer Bar that it could be used every hour or so. I am assuming then the primary drink would be Heed or Fizz? I am thinking if you did the bar and one of the other drinks then you would have too many calories. We are keying up for a "social" bike ride and hope to get in some miles; but will have the chance to stop more often than in a race.
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Re: Hammer Bar and Long Rides

Postby levi-hoch » Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:58 am

Hey Wayne,

For the most part, we don't recommend eating solid foods during exercise because they digest slower and don't provide the same quality of energy that our fuels do. On longer workouts or lower intensities, you probably could digest a small amount of solid food with no trouble and it might be nicer than drinking Perpetuem or consuming Hammer Gel the whole time. In these situations, the Hammer Bars are a great choice because they're mostly raw and fairly easy to digest as far as solid foods are concerned. If you'd like to eat Hammer Bars during your ride, I would suggest eating portions of it at a time and not eating the whole thing at once. Keep in mind that each bar contains 220-230 calories which is a lot to consume all at once. Maybe eat half the bar and save the rest for later. This article on proper caloric intake during endurance exercise ... ge-section explains more.

HEED is a sports drink that's a good energy fuel for shorter distance efforts (under 2 hours) but can be used on longer events as a primary calorie source and is complemented nicely by the Perpetuem Solids or if you're riding at a lower intensity and would like to eat some pieces of Hammer Bars along the way to add some protein to your fueling plan. HEED has a small electrolyte content that may be sufficient for some situations (cooler temps/shorter distances). The amount per scoop is equal to 1/2 Endurolyte Fizz tablet or 1 EL capsule.

Endurolyte Fizz is our full spectrum electrolyte supplement and can be added to HEED or used separately to replenish electrolytes. To learn more about proper electrolyte replenishment and the other elements of successful fueling (hydration, caloric intake, recovery) that are just as important, the Essentials to Getting Started With Hammer Nutrition article is what you need: ... ge-section

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns.

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