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24 Mile Swim Nutrition

Postby Swim24 » Tue May 31, 2011 7:19 pm

I am planning on swimming 24 miles across Lake Erie this summer. My nutrtion plan is as follows:

Hourly feeding that include
1 Hammer gel
1 Nalgene bottle 24 oz water mixed with One scoop of Perpetuem and 1 Scoop of HEED, with and Endurolyte Fizz, plus 2 anti fatigue caps

My pace is about 20-22 min per mile, no slower than 25 mi/mile. I have had success so far in training, but wanted to make sure this was enough. I figured I 'd be burning 700-900 cal/hour. After about 5 hours, I might be at deficit with about 4-5 hours to go before the finish.

Any thoughts
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Re: 24 Mile Swim Nutrition

Postby levi-hoch » Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:57 am

Dear Swim24 (please remember to post your name on future posts),

Without knowing your body weight I can't give you specific starting points on fueling doses but from the information you provided I can tell you that amount is more fuel than most, if any athlete could comfortably digest for hours on end during exercise. Even though you'll be burning a lot of calories during this event, you can't even come close to replacing what you've burned during the race. You simply do not have the capacity to do so. The most any athlete can comfortably consume during exercise (larger athletes with a fast metabolism) is 300 calories per hour. Blood that would otherwise aid in digestion is diverted to the working muscles during exercise reducing your capacity to process calories as you would when sedentary. If you are taking a serving of Hammer Gel, 1 scoop of Perpetuem, and 1 scoop of HEED, you'll be getting approximately 315-325 calories per hour from that combination. Most people won't be able to come close to using that amount successfully during exercise and with the nature of your sport using your full body, I would suspect that your capacity to digest fuels will be less than that of a cyclist for example that for the most part maintains a fairly quite upper body allowing for easier digestion. Even lean athletes have thousands of calories in fat stores that the body will use for fuel so you don't need to supplement with that much fuel. The essential "less is best" concept is explained in this article ... ge-section that details why it's so important to practice using the least amount of fuel necessary to prevent bonking vs. using the most fuel possible without experiencing stomach distress. Fueling this way will help you realize higher energy levels during training and racing and avoid potentially debilitating stomach issues. The usage suggestions for your body weight on the product pages show the suggested usage considering that you'll be using that fuel as a primary or sole fuel source. Example: I'm 160 pounds and per our usage suggestions I fit into the 1.25-1.5 scoop/hr. range. I find however that during extended periods of exercise, I rarely need more than 1 scoop per hour and that's when fueling exclusively with Perpetuem. If I add Gel on top of that, I'll often reduce the amount of Perpetuem I use to compensate for the added 90 calories from the Gel serving so I don't over fuel which requires more energy and electrolytes to digest and can upset my stomach. It's always easier to remedy an under fueled problem by simply taking a little more Perpetuem or a serving of Gel if you feel you need it than it is to recover from over fueling which could leave you hurting for several hours.

If you haven't read it yet, I strongly recommend the Essentials to Getting Started With Hammer Nutrition article ... ge-section that explains proper hydration (16-28oz/hr), electrolyte replenishment, caloric intake, and recovery.

Also, I'm glad to see that you're planning to take the Anti Fatigue Caps during this event. I think they'll be a big help. If you have the time to check out one more article, I'd suggest the Epic Workout/Race Supplement Suggestions article ... ge-section that suggests Anti Fatigue Caps and Endurance Amino to prevent fatigue and protect muscle tissue as well as Race Caps Supreme and Mito Caps for promoting energy production. Just a thought but it might be pretty helpful for what you're doing. We've had some excellent feedback from our customers who have realized some pretty impressive benefits from taking these supplements in their epic training and racing.

I hope this was helpful, please feel free to provide your body weight and I can offer you some more specific suggestions. If you have time to test these fueling strategies in training before your big event that would be ideal.

Happy training and best of luck to you.

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