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RDB and LE

Postby rodwilsonsr » Mon May 30, 2011 9:34 am

I just wanted to double check on a couple things...I had just loaded with RDB from May 11-May 14 with an event on the 15th.
I have a 50k trail race this Saturday and wanted to make sure it is ok to start another 4 day loading of RDB...from what I recall it is a 2 week waiting period??

Also, and I know you dont sell the product anymore, but I also loaded with Liquid Endurance for the May 15th event. Is there a waiting period for loading on LE as well. I had bought like 6 bottles when I heard it was not going to be sold anymore.

Re: RDB and LE

Postby levi-hoch » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:41 pm

Dear Rod,

We do suggest allowing 2-4 weeks between loading cycles and it's been over 2 weeks since you loaded last so that should be fine. Typically we tell athletes that if they have 2 A priority races in close proximity like 2-3 weeks apart it's fine to do back to back loads with Race Day Boost. We don't advocate frequent use of Race Day Boost because you don't want to build a tolerance to the sodium phosphate which would render less of a benefit when you need the product for an important race. You also want your body to become more efficient at clearing lactic acid naturally and not get used to producing less so that when loading with RDB you'll basically be "treating" your body to less lactic acid for a few days which can give you an edge in the race being able to push a harder pace. The other reason not to use RDB all the time in training and for lesser priority races is because it is purported that excess phosphate interferes with calcium absorption/utilization, which would be undesirable. I think you'll be perfectly fine to do another load for this weekend.

Consistent, even daily use of Liquid Endurance is acceptable. When loading with Liquid Endurance before a race it's important to weigh yourself each day. If you gain 3% or more of your bodyweight before the 3 day loading is finished, it's time to stop loading as water weight gain beyond 3% is performance inhibiting (most athletes gain 1-2% which is the desired amount).

Good luck in your race! Feel free to tell us how it went, and send pictures if you get them, we're always looking for stories and testimonials and we're excited to hear about how your training and racing is going.

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