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Postby wayne » Mon May 02, 2011 1:24 pm

Like alot of people I hope to do some longer rides and most likely will be in hotter weather. Perpetuem has been my primary drink and it is working real well. My question is with Perpetuem having a fairly balanced electrolyte; would I then be using less endurolyte tablets?
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Re: Perpetuem/Endrolytes

Postby steve-born » Tue May 03, 2011 10:26 am

Hello Wayne -

Excellent question!

The mineral content in Perpetuem is what occurs naturally from the ingredients; it wasn't an intentionally-thought-out amount. HEED, on the other hand, has a specific electrolyte profile that was added to the product. Dr. Bill Misner, the designer of Perpetuem, referred to the mineral content in a serving of Perpetuem as being a "self contained electrolyte profile" and basically what he was saying is that it wasn't done intentionally but it's just what occurred naturally from the various components of the product (mainly the sodium phosphate, soy protein, and maltodextrin).

He also mentioned that some athletes may find that the electrolyte profile (and I use the word "profile" loosely here because I don't think it's terribly complete nor ideally balanced) in a serving of Perpetuem may allow them to decrease their intake of Endurolytes by 1 capsule, sometimes 2 capsules, per hour. I personally have not found that to be the case for me but some athletes have been able to decrease their hourly dose of Endurolytes, usually no more than one per hour, without any issues resulting.

I hope this helps!

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