Statins causing muscle pain(not cramping)

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Statins causing muscle pain(not cramping)

Postby dekindy+ » Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:00 pm

My buddy is a Registered Nurse(RN) so he is more educated than most about medical issues. However I wanted to post this question anyway to get other opinions.

He believes he may be having muscle pain and not cramps. How do you know the difference between cramps and muscle pain? Complaints about muscle cramps did not alarm the doctor. However muscle pain is a side effect of statins(cholesterol reducing medication). I forget which statin he was prescribed, but he quit taking it recently because of the suspected side effect and the fact that his cholesterol level is only slightly above normal.

Since it is March in Indiana, he will not be able to test in hot weather for awhile. However hard efforts on the trainer that would previously have caused calf pains have been pain-free. He believes that is enough proof to stay off the cholesterol medications unless his cholesterol level gets much higher levels. He is also anxious to see what his cholesterol level is without the medication since he is riding his bicycle thousands of miles per year and has modified his diet.

Any Baby Boomers out there that have experienced muscle pain side effects from statins while participating in Endurance Events? This has caused him significant problems on the Ride Across Indiana(160-miles in July) the last two years. My fitness has improved. Because of my improvement and his muscle pain I can not outride him whereas the first couple of years that we did RAIN he beat me by significant margins after riding with me the first 110 miles and then leaving me behind with 50 miles to go. During one of those years that he beat me significantly he also experienced muscle pain near the end to the point that he did not believe he could finish and was still not able to get up off the ground when I reached the finish line 20 minutes later.

BTW, the last two years he has used Perpetuem, Hammer Gel, and Endurolytes exclusively during the ride. I am certain about fueling for last year and fairly sure about the year prior to last. At first he was not impressed with my research and usage of Hammer Products and following your fueling and hydrating guidelines until he saw the results and did some reading of his own. However the muscle problems remained.
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Re: Statins causing muscle pain(not cramping)

Postby JasLuc4 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:37 am

Statins are known for muscle and joint pain problems...a great reason to not take them unless absolutely necessary (like you've already had 1 heart attack). If I recall correctly, there are no benefits for prevention unless there has already been a heart attack.

Also, Statins affect Vitamin, make sure that is tested as well.

good luck!

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Re: Statins causing muscle pain(not cramping)

Postby MegC » Sun Mar 20, 2011 7:21 pm

That side effect from statins is supposedly 'rare', but of the people I've known taking them almost all have had so many muscle aches that they've thrown in the towel.

Personally I can't wrap my head around the cardiovascular benefits of a drug that makes you hurt so much you don't want to move much any more... seems like one step forward, 2 steps back. But I'm not a doctor so this is pure stupid idle musings on my part.
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Re: Statins causing muscle pain(not cramping)

Postby levi-hoch » Thu Mar 24, 2011 2:54 pm

Dear Dwight,

I don't have any experience with statins and whether they're associated with muscle pain but I do have a couple tips for lowering bad cholesterol and you might also check to make sure that he's taking every measure to insure a full recovery after his training sessions. This article on recovery explains how to reap maximal benefits from the hard training you put in: ... ge-section

This article was created to offer valuable supplement suggestions to reduce fatigue, promote energy production, and protect your muscles from unnecessary degradation from endurance training and racing ... ge-section

Some things that are beneficial for promoting healthy cholesterol levels would be salmon oil, soy, lecithin (soy fatty acid), magnesium, chromium, fiber, vitamin E. More suggestions can be found in this article Please understand we are not affiliated with the Life Extension Foundation but this is a good article for lowering bad cholesterol.

Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns.

Happy training!
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