Spin classes help or hurt

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Spin classes help or hurt

Postby konati » Sun Feb 20, 2011 7:15 pm

Its been a tough winter here so spin classes are all I can get in, 4 days a week. My question when I finally get back on the road my first race will be a 40K time trail. I am new to this so how should I approach my training. A steady pace? For how long? Or should I continue to work in intervals immediately? Sometimes I think spinning might be counter productive as they are so intense.
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Re: Spin classes help or hurt

Postby steve-born » Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:31 am

Hello konati -

Are you able to do any other type of cross training such as snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or even some hiking? That would provide some aerobic work, augment the intensity of your Spinning classes. That's what I am doing and I think it's helping.

Also, keep in mind that while the Spinning instructor may have you doing some seriously intense things ("jumps," etc) you don't necessarily have to adhere to the exact plan that the instructor is doing. The other night, in fact, our instructor's class was far too intense for me (50 x 10 seconds out of the saddle, then 10 seconds in the saddle, repeated twice... really?). Needless to say, it was far too intense for me, my heart felt like it was going to go through my rib cage, so I just did my own thing, putting in the kind of work that I know is beneficial for me at this time of the year.

All this said, if your first race was a 100-miler the intensity that you're doing in your Spinning classes may not be quite as appropriate. However, for a 40k time trial I think that it's good to have both some aerobic work and intensity "under your belt." My only recommendations to you would be to not slavishly adhere to the exact workout your instructor may be doing on a particular night (do what you feel is best based on perceived exertion) and try to augment that with some type of cross training.

I hope these suggestions help!

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