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San Diego Riders: SDSU Testing

Postby sdlongrider » Thu Apr 29, 2010 12:12 pm

San Diego Area Riders,
Adam Reece at SDSU is getting ready to begin a study on cyclists and Alanine. He has asked me to help find some cyclists to field the study.

I had the chance to take part in another SDSU cycling study a couple of years ago, and found the data and testing very interesting for training. As I know most of you share the same interests, and this new field of candidates will be small, I wanted to pass along the info.

Here are the details if you are interested. Adam's contact details are at the bottom, please contact him directly and I would do so quickly.

Testing starts at the beginning of June and hopefully wrapped up by the end of July or early August.

15 subjects

4 trials (one every 7-10 days, times are flexible including weekends)

There will be 12 blood draws total (3 each trial).... only about 1-2 tbsp per trial (should not training blood volume)

Each trial will take approx 2-2.5 hrs

Trial consists of 1hr cycle at a % of watt max followed by a predetermined workload with time til work completed as measured outcome

Once contacted by potential subjects, I will send each subject google map directions to the lab for consent signing a max testing.

age: 18-44

gender: does not matter

Anything of note: there are some other inclusion/exclusion criteria but I will get to that info with them when they call/email

Method of contact: or call my cell 813-240-3434
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