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HEED logistical question

Postby ummagumma » Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:22 am

Hi all,

I have a logistical question regarding HEED in running ultras.

When drop bags are far apart or non-existent, do you have a preferred method of carrying HEED in powdered form to be mixed at aid stations? Pre-measured zip-lock bags in a hydration pack pocket seem to work okay, but what about if I'm only using handhelds? Help me think outside the bottle.

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Re: HEED logistical question

Postby steve-born » Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:08 am

Hello Dave -

I have not run an ultra running race. In fact, in my chosen sport of ultra cycling, I enjoyed the luxury of a support crew who could make me fresh bottles of whatever I wanted at a moment's notice (I know, I was spoiled).

That said, whenever I did a long training ride and had to carry extra powder, what I usually did was to carry a "bulk" supply in a heavier duty ziplock bag WITH the scoop inside. Yes, it was a little annoying at first having the scoop inside the bag, which was inside my jersey pocket. However, when it came time to mixing up fresh bottles of fuel I knew exactly how much I was getting because I had the scoop with me.

Although a lot of people have found pre-measured bags to be very helpful, I personally have found the "bulk supply + scoop" method to work very well. It might be worth giving a try.

Hope this helps!

Sincerely -


P.S. Now that Perpetuem Solids are available, I highly recommend them for use during at least a portion of your long-duration workouts and races. With this product you have the same Perpetuem formula, only now it comes in a chewable tablet that heat stable and non-degradable (unlike pre-mixed bottles of Perpetuem, which can "go bad" after "X" amount of time in the heat). Perpetuem Solids are a great way to augment the other Hammer fuels you may be using, supplying both complex carbohydrates and protein, the latter being especially important when your workouts and races go beyond 3+ hours.
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Re: HEED logistical question

Postby PowerGoat » Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:22 pm

Hey Dave,

Depending on what you're wearing, you have a few options on how to carry a ziploc of powder. Note: don't carry a scoop; instead mark off on your bottles where the level would be for one, two, three, and four servings of powder. Then all you have to do is pour to the appropriate line at the aid station.

Put the powder in one ziploc.

Where to put a ziploc of powder:
Put it under your hat.
Put it in a hip pocket if wearing shorts with pockets.
Tuck in your shirt and then put the bag in your shirt: the tucking in will hold the powder in place.
Put it in the little mesh bag on the water bottle holder.
If you can run in a bike shirt, put the powder in the bike jersey's pocket.

But, if you are in a long run without any aid stations, as you suggested in your original post, you'll probably want a hydration pack anyway, just so you can keep water with you. If you're going to be out there more than, let's say, 4 hours, you won't be able to go much farther than that with only 40 oz. of water. If there isn't an aid station in the first 25 miles of a run, and you've been trying your best to run a good time (without water), your legs will probably end up shot anyway. Take care of your needs. Carry the hydration pack if the distance between aid stations is more than 2 hours or so; just get the liquids in.
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