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Forum Guidelines - Read Before Posting

Postby vince-arnone » Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:13 am

Forum Guidelines
The general subject matter pertains to endurance training, dietary habits, injury prevention and recovery, electrostimulation devices, and optimal usage of Hammer Nutrition fuels and supplements, and the generic discussion of micro and macro nutrients which are used to formulate Hammer and competing products (i.e. The discussion of simple sugars versus complex carbohydrates). Comments such as "I don't accept your position, prove it to me" are not valid, while comments in the vein of "I disagree with your position based on my personal experiences and or based on the following data" are always welcome.

Our Biases and Motivation
As we state in every issue of Endurance News, you can count on us to be biased in favor of a healthy, whole foods based diet, hard training that emphasizes quality over quantity, and prudent fueling and supplementation to improve health and performance. That also means that we will speak candidly and frequently against "junk food" ingredients, such as cheap sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors.

It may seem a foregone conclusion in this day and age that a company or its staff would say anything to make a buck. Unfortunately, in most instances, it is an accurate assumption. However, we do not expect you to simply take our word for it. Look at the whole of my operation over the past 20 years, ¬review our website, read our publications, and read the back issues of our newsletter. Our reputation for honesty, integrity, and total transparency is unprecedented and well deserved. We believe what we advocate what we believe. We don't put any ingredient in any of our products that is not beneficial to your health and/or performance.

Our commitment to operating business according to these high standards has always and will always surpass any profit motives. Hammer Nutrition has been in business for 23 years to support this claim and expect that it will be honored unless, and until, anyone can produce evidence to the contrary.

Accessing Old Posts

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