Hammer Sustained Energy (SE) vs. Perpetuem

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Hammer Sustained Energy (SE) vs. Perpetuem

Postby rnultras » Wed Nov 03, 2010 6:54 am

I am an ultra runner and user of Sustained Energy as a fuel source during long races. Recently, I learned of Perpetuem Chewables which would be a great alternative to powder measuring, mixing, etc. necessary for SE.

However, I am wondering how the nutritional benefits between the two products compare, i.e. Will I get the same benefit from Perpetuem Chewables as I would from the SE?

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Re: Hammer Sustained Energy (SE) vs. Perpetuem

Postby steve-born » Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:23 pm

Hello Lorne -

While Perpetuem Solids can theoretically be used as your sole fuel source during your races, keep in mind that every 3 tablets contains 100 calories... my guess is that you'd probably have to consume quite a bit of them during the course of the race!

Personally, I would continue to use Sustained Energy, especially if it's worked well for you, and reserve Perpetuem Solids as a fuel choice for use whenever you want a break from the monotony of mixing, carrying, and consuming a liquid fuel.

The primary differences between the two products is that Perpetuem contains sodium phosphate, an excellent acid-buffering nutrient, as well as a small amount of a soy-derived fat. Perpetuem is also flavored, of course, so that would be the third difference between the two products.

In the article "The Hammer Nutrition Fuels - What They Are and How to Use Them" ( ... .1252.html) we write the following:

Bottom line: With Sustained Energy and Perpetuem, you have two great long distance fuel choices. When exercise goes beyond about two hours, you can use either product as your primary or sole fuel, in any combination with each other or any other Hammer Nutrition fuel.

That said, we have noted that Sustained Energy may be the ideal fuel choice when endurance exercise intensity is at a higher level (approximately 70–85% MHR), whereas Perpetuem may be a more attractive choice the longer the longer the athlete goes and when exercise intensity is at a more aerobic pace (under 70% MHR). Additionally, over the years we have noted that Sustained Energy may be the ideal choice for very lean athletes (the “high metabolizer/hyper–metabolic” types), while Perpetuem—with its added healthy fat component—may be the ideal choice for athletes with a naturally higher body fat percentage. The rationale for this suggestion is that athletes with a higher body fat percentage have a greater volume of calories available from body fat stores, which the lyso–lecithin component of Perpetuem may effectively assist in accessing for use as energy.

Again though, because the applications for Sustained Energy and Perpetuem are identical, either fuel can be used as the primary–to–sole fuel during prolonged bouts of exercise. Test each product in your long–duration workouts, under a variety of conditions, to find which product works best for you!

--- END ---

I hope you will find this information helpful, Lorne.

Sincerely -

Steve Born
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Re: Hammer Sustained Energy (SE) vs. Perpetuem

Postby rnultras » Wed Nov 03, 2010 4:12 pm


Thanks for the prompt reply. My races are usually 50 or 100 milers so fueling is an important issue.

I appreciate the information contained in your response particularly the part about being a slender or otherwise- type of person. At 6'2" and 195 pounds I hardly fit the "slender" category so I will take to heart your comments about how SE and Perpetuem relate to the different body types.

I will spend some time working on a plan and will begin testing a combination of SE and Perpetuem solids in my training. I think that both supplements can be very effectively used at different times during a race.

Thanks again.

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