lemon heed for colonoscopy

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lemon heed for colonoscopy

Postby dorseymt » Tue Nov 02, 2010 5:52 pm

a year or so ago, when i was receiving the forum list on my email, there was a posting from someone who used the lemon/lime flavored Heed during the prep for their colonosopy, because it was clear and fit within the guidelines of the type of clear liquid they could consume. therefore, they didn't bonk as others do when going without calories for a while. have you had any questions or comments regarding this? It certainly seems a decent solution since it's got sugars and is clear.

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Re: lemon heed for colonoscopy

Postby dekindy+ » Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:07 pm

I was getting a headache from lack of calories during a colonoscopy prep. I called the doctor and got clearance to take in Vanilla Hammergel since it is clear.
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Re: lemon heed for colonoscopy

Postby levi-hoch » Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:57 pm

Dear Mary,

It's funny you should ask about this since I was just re-reading the email digest I got from that very post a year ago. Below are two comments on that question. Apparently, the clear liquids like HEED are acceptable:

Hello Mary -

Since there are no colorings - natural or otherwise - in HEED, it comes
out almost completely clear. As result, all flavors should be acceptable
to use. If you're not a fan of any of the current flavors - strawberry,
orange, lemon lime, or melon - I would suggest trying the plain HEED.
One to two scoops of plain HEED in a water bottle not only looks like
water, it almost tastes like water (there really is minimal flavor with
the plain HEED).

Sincerely -



Big thanks!!!! to all that gave me tips on prepping for my BIG-C test Monday at 0700-Hrs. What a way to get out of running my morning staff meeting, eh?

The "unofficial" readout by the doc was "did not find anything", luckily, he was a cyclist!!!! The "official" meeting with him in a week.

Steve Born, you comment of clear color of HEED is good! Though I went with the comments by others here to "stick with the doc's guide . . . exactly!", the cycling doc knew of Hammer HEED and said it was acceptable. He even laughed and asked how I tolerated the Jell-O, and the clear apple juice, with all the "ose" in it! Must have read the Hammer books!

The biggest tip, I think came from Joanna B., was to "start 2-3 days ahead" in my transition to liquid diet! I started Friday with a 60-liquid/40-solid meal, Sat. was 80-liquid/20-solid, and Sun. was all liquid. Along with the 2-10oz of Magnesium Citrate fluids (0900-Hrs./1700-Hrs.).

I "almost" felt deprived of the consistent "potty" runs, only . . . um . . . several "episodes". I was sooooooo clean! Monday 0700-Hrs. test that the doc was "impressed"!

This is such a useful forum!! People to not "belittle" questions of posters, only give good feedback. Hope we never abuse that focus and keep this a true useful tool!

Thanks again!!!!!


I hope that helps.
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