Trying to like Recoverite / Whey

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Trying to like Recoverite / Whey

Postby dftr » Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:50 am

I first started w/ Hammer Endurolytes for muscle cramps (particularly after the workout). Any skepticism I had was quickly removed as the cramping issue reliably resolved!

I find that I like HEED melon and Perpetuem... but despite many rave reviews I'm so far not able to get into any of the recovery agents. My standard recovery drink's been chocolate milk and while I don't expect that kind of flavor, I'd thought it'd be akin to Perpetuem (Orange-Vanilla) which is delicious. I've used a couple of packets so far of Strawberry and Cholocate recoverite and they're both very powdery-chalky. I've tried using the hammer mixing cup. I tried the Hammer Whey at night thinking that it might be better than recoverite, but it's got a pretty rough after taste?

Any suggestions on how to make it more palatable? I think the aftertaste is what bothers me more. I'm using cold water, should I use ice water? Or is it possible to go the other way and brew some sort of tea (which would better fit in w/ my nightly habit)? My understanding is that the greatest benefit occur by drinking this straight mixed w/ h20 not juice or milk? More water/less water?

I'm going to get through the dozen or so packs I have left; I guess I was hoping for an Endurolyte type of dramatic improvement in recovery?

I have no issues w/ dairy digestion as far as chocolate milk goes; do I just need to add a glutamine suppliment to make it more like recoverite?

I'd appreciate any feedback and advice. Thanks!
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Re: Trying to like Recoverite / Whey

Postby mark-decker » Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:01 pm


The biggest suggestion I would have toward the flavor of Recoverite would be to use the recommended serving of water 8-12 oz. per 2 to 2.5 scoops of Recoverite. The Hammer Nutrition Blender Bottle holds 20 oz. and if filled to the top with water, the water will dilute the 'sweetness' of the Recoverite.

Due to the lack of additives, preservatives, and unneeded ingredients, the flavor of the Hammer Whey will have a distinct whey aftertaste. Try to consider this after taste as a sign of a quality product. You are right, ideally you will want to consume the Hammer Whey by itself but there are some foods you can add whey to that will also help you sleep:

apple pie and ice cream
whole-grain cereal with milk
hazelnuts and tofu
oatmeal and raisin cookies, and a glass of milk
peanut butter sandwich, ground sesame seeds

It takes around one hour for the tryptophan in the foods to reach the brain, so don't wait until right before bedtime to have your snack.

Re: Trying to like Recoverite / Whey

Postby jwa » Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:00 pm

Personally, I like the Recoverite Citrus. You don't mention if you tried that one but you might give it a go. Also, with the Hammer Whey, although it does have a distinctive whey taste, I find if I mix it with warm water it's not so bad. Besides, mixing it with 8 oz of water and in a few swallows, it's gone. I don't really sip it so it goes down pretty quickly.

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