Sustained Energy with Heed for a Marathon

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Sustained Energy with Heed for a Marathon

Postby Keith » Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:53 pm

I am a newbie to the Hammer line. I am prepping for a marathon in 3 weeks. I am a 43 y/o male (150 lbs). I am currently taking the Daily Essentials Kit with no problems and I while I am still working on my Endurolytes, I think I have them pretty well dialed in. During my last 2 marathons, calf cramps have sabatoged what would have been great runs. I am now taking 3 Endurolytes per hour for long runs. I normally run the marathon (and long training runs) with a fuel belt (with four 10oz bottles of fluid). I would like your thoughts on (for race day once I test it out prior) mixing SE with HEED in the fuel belt bottles (maybe 75% SE and 25% HEED). Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Sustained Energy with Heed for a Marathon

Postby rbrnut » Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:24 pm


Assuming you are not going to run the marathon at near World-Record pace and finish in 2 hours, you could definitely benefit from the addition of the protein in SE. It depends on the person as some have digestive issues with SE/Perpetuem in more impacting sports like running. On my longer training rides/workouts and races, I typically mix unflavored SE with HEED in the correct hourly caloric consumption ratio. This works well with me. Others have had good success mixing the two into a multi-hour paste in the gel flasks. If it is a well supported race, you should be able to achieve your fluid consumption via the water stations on the course and your calories through the 40oz on your belt. I tucked a few Hammer Gels in my number belt for a change of pace.

You are doing the right thing in testing it out in training. The Endurolytes look good unless it is unusually hot. You may want to also try Anti-Fatigue caps and Endurance Aminos. You can read more about those in some of the great fueling strategy literature. With these strategies I have no excuse unless the engine is not properly trained....

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