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Race Supplement Suggestions

Postby Aldofosco » Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:04 pm

I read an earlier post with race supplement suggestions and the timing of those supplements. If I take Perpetuem during a marathon, do I need all of those supplements, or can I drop or reduce any? I saw another post that suggested I could reduce the amount of Endurolyte while taking Perpetuem.

I'm training for my first Chicago Marathon and I need ALL the help I can get. I used a mixture of Sustained Energy and Perpetuem for my 16 mile training run, and that was the first time I did anything over 10 miles where I didn't feel like I was going to die! I actually felt like I had a couple more miles left in the tank.
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Re: Race Supplement Suggestions

Postby jrawlins » Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:05 pm

The Hammer people know best, but my amateur reply is, no, Perp doesn't take the place of any of the other supplements. Perp is food; the supplements are something else. I've always used Perp and Endurolytes on centuries and such, but have only recently begun doing the hourly thing with AF and Endurance Amino, and the difference is amazing. I'm now finishing centuries about as fast and fresh as I start them. Each supplement does what it does--there is no overlap. If Perp has any electrolyte in it, it isn't enough to matter--take Endurolytes too.

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Re: Race Supplement Suggestions

Postby steve-born » Thu Aug 26, 2010 2:26 pm

Hello Aldofosco -

When I work with athletes, I tell them to first focus first on getting their fueling - calories, electrolytes, and fluids - dialed in prior to focusing on supplementation. Now, if you've got your fueling "game plan" pretty well dialed in, meaning that...

1) You know how many calories you need to be taking in hourly from your Sustained Energy/Perpetuem combination

2) You know how many Endurolytes you want to be taking in hourly

3) You know how many ounces of fluid - both from water and your SE/Perpetuem combination - that you should be consuming hourly

... then we can discuss supplements. First, though, remember that even if you've got a really good fueling "game plan" in place, be willing to alter it during the race in deference to the weather, increased pace, any race anxieties you may have (which can compromise how efficiently the digestive system works), and other variables.

As far as the supplements are concerned, you're probably referring to the article "Epic Workout/Race Supplement Suggestions" ( ... 14741.html). All of these supplements would, of course, provide benefits for you during your race. However, you also have to take in mind that what you're doing (running) is a more digestively challenging" type of exercise than is a less-impactive type of exercise like riding a bike.

That's why, in the article, I write "Carrying and consuming lots of pills during a long bike ride is, to some extent, an acquired skill and it may take awhile for your body to “learn” how to take a number of pills on an hourly basis. Additionally, it may be more challenging if you’re doing a more “digestively challenging” type of exercise such as running. If this is the case, simply start slow and increase the number of products you take—and the amounts of each product—gradually. Also, depending on the sport you do, it may be necessary to modify this supplement program in deference to the activity you’re involved in."

With all that said, of all the supplements I've suggested in the article, if I had to pick two that I think you'd benefit from the most during your marathon it would be Anti-Fatigue Caps and Endurance Amino. That's not to say that the others wouldn't be beneficial, far from it. I'm just suggesting that these two products, in my opinion, would be the ones that you would enjoy the most "during exercise" benefits from.

Lastly, the electrolyte profile in Perpetuem is what could be referred to as a "self contained" electrolyte profile; in other words, the mineral content in a serving of the product is what occurs naturally, primarily from the sodium tribasic phosphate and the soy protein... it was not done intentionally. Same is true with Hammer Gel; there is some sodium and potassium in the product but those two minerals are in there primarily for digestive purposes and not to resolve your electrolyte requirements.

That said, some athletes (not all) find that they can lower their hourly intake of Endurolytes by 1 capsule when using Perpetuem. I personally have not found this to be the case but some athletes have.

I think I've covered everything but if I'm forgetting something or if you have additional questions, please post them. I am currently up in Penticton, BC, working the Hammer booth at Ironman Canada, and with limited Internet access. However, if you do have additional questions or need more assistance, I will respond as soon as possible.

Sincerely -

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