'Emergency' Perpetuem experience

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'Emergency' Perpetuem experience

Postby MegC » Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:15 am

I always keep a few gels and 2 or 3 packages of perp/SE in my camelbak as 'emergency rations', and usually have a gel flask + endurolytes in a mountain feed bag on my bars.
WELL... I took off for a back country MTB jaunt with a couple guys this Saturday and discovered I forgot my feed bag a couple miles in. :shock: I knew I had enough stuff in my pack to cover me so when we got to a natural stopping point an hour in I dug out the gels and stuck them in a more easily accessible spot and just crossed my fingers about the missing endurolytes.
We made another push to a false summit where the guys got out some food they had, so I fished out an envelope of Orange Perp.... cool. Perfect.
....but.... to get it in the tank? I had no flask or bottle on me. :?
So I ripped off the top of the envelope and got a big mouthful of powder with the plan of just washing it down w/ water from my camelbak. For the record I DID get it down this way, but I would NEVER.EVER. recommend this method. :oops:
I had over half of the envelope of powder still to get down, so out of desperation I just poured water from the camelbak right into the package and started spooging it with my fingers. And here's where I REALLY need to thank Hammer... that package has been riding around in a ziplock for a year or two at least in my camelbak and was looking pretty beat, but IT HELD WATER JUST FINE even while I "massaged" the envelope to try to mix it all up. The mixture was lumpy but I was able to get it all down the hatch, and it gave me a sorely needed boost on my way to the top of the mountain and back down.
If there's a better method of handling this situation I'm all ears, but the idea of the 'perp cookies' I saw in the last magazine sure seems like a winner. I'll stick with the extra envelopes in the meantime since having a highly concentrated supply of calories including both fat and protein seems like a very good bit of insurance, especially if I get stuck out longer than planned in cold weather.
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