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Back Pain

Postby dreamlabo » Sat Aug 21, 2010 5:54 pm

Maybe some one here has had this problem.

The last couple of months I've been dealling with back pain.
Heres the symptoms:
I can run without pain for an hour or more, but the minute I sit down and then stand up, my lower back tightens up.
I tend to feel the pain just to the left and right of my spine in the upper buttocks/lower back area but only after I stop running, not during.
However, if I run hills, (hike up/run down a fourteener )I have no problem during or after the work out. (I always hear you should give up hill workouts when back pain is a problem, yet the flats are what seems to aggravate it)
It only seems to bother me AFTER I run/walk flats. More streching doesn't seem to help, and after a couple of hours my back goes back to feeling fine.
It does hurt if I do the leg press machine at the gym as well, but squats, lunges, step ups all do not seem to bother my back.
I've taken a few weeks off and that doesnt seem to fix it either.
Any runners dealt with this?
Any help is appreciated.
Its killing me not to run everyday.
Todd L.
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Re: Back Pain

Postby irace1 » Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:43 am

Are you doing core work as part of your exercise routines? Also, what kinds or stretching are you doing? Are you using a foam roll?
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Re: Back Pain

Postby dreamlabo » Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:44 pm

In terms of core work, if I see another plank i just might puke (LOL). Situps, back extensions and such, i may have neglected them for a lil while but the last two months or so has seen a resurgence in core work to no avail. I seem to stretch all the major leg muscles with a few yoga poses thrown in. (Not sure of the names).
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Re: Back Pain

Postby ssrknordic » Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:25 am

sorry I didn't see this sooner!

Hamstring or hip flexor flexibility may be an issue but another factor may be an inactive or altered muscle firing pattern of the glute medius.
The glute med is involved in stabilizing the hips and lower extremity. If it is not active the muscles upstream and downstream will then compensate to act as stabilizers(which they are not designed to do. Net result your hamstrings (which are designed to produce and transfer force) not to act as stabilizers become overactive. The hamstrings can also pull your pelvis to one side or down. Low back muscles as well will try to compensate for the glute med not doing it's intended job as well. Net result you get some low back pain (to keep it pretty simple).

Improving core strength will help, but still need to address the potential altered muscle firing pattern. You do this and then the hamstrings and low back muscles will go back to doing the job they were designed to and the pain will go away AND the hamstrings will produce much more force(as they will not be fatigued working all the time to stabilize). Will run and bike more efficiently as a result.

Here is a very basic routine to start with, if you want a good pdf with photos of the exercises I can send it to you. After a few weeks would want to move to a more advanced set of exercises.

Glute Activation Program

Foam Roller:
-10-15x back and forth

-Quads/Hip flexors
-Low Back

Stretch 30 secs:
-Hip Flexors Stretch 1
-Hip Flexors Stretch 2

Activation Dynamic Warm-up/Core Strength:

-10-12 reps 2 Sets
Hip lifts w/ Band (Hold each for 2 seconds)
Clam Shells (Hold each for 2 seconds)

Mini Band side walks 2x 30' each way

l-Leg 3-Way Medicine Ball Reach x 3 reps each plane, 2 sets (make sure you contract glutes i.e. squeeze butt cheeks together)

Planks (front ,side and back)3-5 minutes

Hope it helps!


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