Low Heart rate after 150 miles

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Low Heart rate after 150 miles

Postby Trekrider2001 » Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:12 pm

On Saturday I rode a local organized ride, the STP, Seattle to Portland. Its 200 miles. I started with two bottles of HEED. At 50 miles, I had emptied 1.5 of them. I filled one with one scoop of Perpetum and the other with HEED. I drank alternatly from each bottle. I was strong through the 100 miles, 5 hour pace. My HR during this time was 130-165 (I'm 55, so 168/170 is my max) At the half way point I had a turkey and chees sandwich, replenished fuilds and off. Still pretty strong. At about 140 I noticed I had no acceleration anymore and my heart rate would not go above 130, I just slowed down on the hills. I did not feel bonked, no jitters or weak feeling that way. Just no power. I popped on Endurolyte but no difference. I did not cramp and peed regulary so I do not think I was de-hydrated. I weighed the same after the ride as the start.
Any idea what the problem is? Too little food? More training on the legs (they just had enough at 140-150 miles)? More fluids? Somehow I think the low HR is telling me something.
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