After the cramp has passed

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After the cramp has passed

Postby charleskline » Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:31 am

Hey all,

Did a 27 mile mountain bike race yesterday in Maryland. Temps were very high. I felt that my hydration was on and I fueled well. Never had any twinges of cramping the whole time. Then in the last 100 yards, I thought I caught sight of someone in my class ahead of me on the road to the finish (it wasn't), so I dropped the hammer and increased my cadence by a lot. I race single speed, so I was spinnin' like mad, when all the sudden my right calf muscle cramped up. I slowed my cadence way down and it subsided. Knowing that cramping is often electrolyte related (I had been taking my endurolytes), I popped a few more post race and sipped water all day. Today, I can still feel the soreness in the calf muscle. Is there something else I can do to help my muscle recover from the spasm?

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