Popliteus pad placement

Popliteus pad placement

Postby mlg321 » Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:03 am

Been struggling with a politeus strain for about 2 months now. Can't seem to get the pad placement to get any kind of stimulation in that behind the knee area. Any help? Should I go hamstring and calf?

This is using active recovery, recovery plus, and massage programs.
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Re: Popliteus pad placement

Postby levi-hoch » Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:13 pm


I'm sorry to hear about your injury. I firmly believe EMS will be your "best friend" during this recovery and I agree with your suggestion to place the pads above and below your knee. I would place 1 2x4 pad perpendicular to your leg and directly above you knee at the base of your hamstring and another 2x4 pad perpendicular to your leg directly beneath your knee at the top of your calf. Run 1 lead wire between these two pads and use any of those recovery programs you specified. A daily session is highly recommended and you could even do multiple recovery sessions daily if it works into your schedule. If for example, you're watching TV or relaxing some other way and want to run back to back recovery sessions that's perfectly fine too.

I also highly recommend taking recovery doses of Tissue Rejuvenator (3-4 capsules 2 times daily) and a quality fish oil supplement like EndurOmega which are very beneficial in expediting recovery from injury as well as a host of other benefits. EndurOmega in fact, could be considered "essential" and prioritized after the Daily Essentials due to all the health benefits it provides. Omega 3 fish oil supplementation has benefits for cardiovascular health, cholesterol, eyes, connective tissue, inflammation reduction, and much more.

I hope this was helpful to you, please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns and best of luck in your recovery!

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