COMPEX to the rescue

COMPEX to the rescue

Postby JVicario » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:56 am

There was a great article in the latest issue of Hammer News (issue 80) re:
COMPEX to the rescue
. They talked about using the NMES unit to treat injuries and of particular interest to me was the part regarding IT band treatment. Excited, I jumped up grabbed my Sport Elite only to find no illustration on where to place the pads. The article made no mention of this detail either. If I had one complaint about my unit it would be the rather limited Pad Placement Guide that comes with the unit.

Is there any way we can have Jill Bruskewitz (author of the article) to provide this missing information. Additionally, I think it would be helpful to add these pictorials to the articles so we the readers/users can experiment and try them without the need to search the web fraught with misinformation.

Thanks Hammer!
Jeff Vicario
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Re: COMPEX to the rescue

Postby casey-becker » Tue Jun 19, 2012 2:12 pm

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your submission and suggestions. To get started, you may view additional pad placement and other helpful hints on our website at this URL:

Specifically, for the pad placement on the IT band, you could place pads on the outside of your leg, toward the top of your quadricep and alongside your knee at each end of the IT band. I believe that either a 2x4 pad, or 2x2 pads, mildly spaced would both be acceptable choices to stimulate blood flow to and through the injured area. The idea is to surround the injured area and promote maximal circulation. You could even place the pads on both ends of your hamstrings but near the IT band so you’re surrounding the IT band with the pads on your quads and on your hamstrings.

The pad placements that are included with the units are general placements, I agree. Please bear in mind that the main focus of the Compex NMES units is to aid in achieving athletic performance goals. That said, they absolutely may be used to help with recovery from an injury. You may have to experiment with pad placement a bit at this point though, depending on the location of the injury. Having a pad placement for every situation that may arise for individuals could get quite lengthy and even then may need to constantly be readjusted by some. The important thing to bear in mind is that pads can be placed at the motor point and insertion point of all of the skeletal muscles (both ends of the muscle).

If questions do arise, either myself, Levi, or other staff members here at Hammer Nutrition would be happy to assist you with specific or special needs.

I hope I have helped to clear things up a bit for you, Jeff. If any questions remain, please let us know.

Kind regards,

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