Globus/Compex Questions

Globus/Compex Questions

Postby dulles29 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 4:07 pm

Hi- I purchased my units thru Hammer and have a few questions.
If combining strength and endurance session, which should be done first?

What is the functional difference between Ultra Endurance and Endurance programs? Best application for each?? Once adapted, can they be used alternatively for variety of training effect, without soreness concerns??

Can the user switch back and forth between using Compex Resistence or Endurance and Globus Resistence or Endurance from session to session, for variety of training effect, without soreness concerns??

WHy are the rest periods that occur between each contraction so different in length between the Globus and Compex, in both the Resistence and Endurance programs??

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Globus/Compex Questions

Postby levi-hoch » Fri Oct 07, 2011 2:46 pm

Dear Steve,

I consulted Jim Bruskewitz (our EMS expert) about your questions since I wasn't completely confident in my knowledge of Globus' Endurance programs and Jim is more experienced in EMS technology than I am. This was his response to your questions:

"keep in mind that the strength and endurance programs stimulate different muscle fiber types. For this reason, one progam will not pre-fatigue the muscle fibers stimulated in the second program selected. Through trail and error he may find that he has a preference based on his goals.

One could switch back and forth between the basically equivalent Compex and Globus programs without experiencing soreness if the mA (energy/Compex) levels are equivalent. There is little difference in Hz and pulse duration between these brands so the training effect is very similar and the adaptations will be very similar. One is not training for different sets of adaptations when switching between the Compex and the Globus.

There is a difference in the length of contraction held and rest between contractions when comparing the Globus and Compex. There is also a difference when comparing the levels in the Compex programs. The Compex in general has a higher total work to total rest when compared to the Globus. The length of time a contraction is held and the time between contractions is consistent with what is known about time for lactic acid to clear a fast twitch muscle fiber. I think the rest phase in the Globus endurance program is too long however. There is no need to rest a slow twitch muscle fiber almost as long as a contraction is held in my mind. Other than that, the differences are like different styles in training geared to develop a certain set of adaptations. Functionally neither is missing the mark grossly and stay within the range of time for work vs. rest. I prefer the way Compex has structured their programs."


I hope you find this information helpful, please let us know if you have further questions.

Happy training!

PS, thank you Jim for the information!
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