Active Recovery & Recovery Plus

Active Recovery & Recovery Plus

Postby levi-hoch » Mon Jun 06, 2011 4:37 pm

The weather this weekend was possibly the best it's been all year and perfect for the CHaFe 150 road ride out of Sandpoint, ID. For many of us in the NW, this is the kind of training weather we've waited a long time for and I for one was certainly not in shape to ride 150 miles. 2 days later I feel surprisingly well and I attribute my quick recovery to proper fueling & supplementation during the ride, Recoverite and more supplements immediately upon finishing, and of course the Compex treatment to my quads and calves. I found myself looking forward on multiple occasions during the ride to my appointment with Compex and it certainly paid off. My coworker Brad and I managed a Recoverite/Compex tent at the finish that proved to be very popular with the participants. We demo'd Active Recovery on the Performance units and since some time had elapsed between dismounting our bikes and running the Compex and due to our extra sensitive muscles I figured the Recovery Plus program on the Sport Elite was in order. Recovery Plus is a slightly gentler version of Active Recovery that starts at a lower frequency and builds up to the higher frequencies to ease sore and cold muscles into the flushing activity and "deep tissue" cycles before tapering off into the comfort, endorphin release stages of the program. Of course Active Recovery and Recovery Plus are both phenomenal programs to run following a training session but Recovery Plus is especially nice when muscles have had time to cool down and might be a little sensitive from strenuous exercise. The guests that came by the Hammer tent were enthusiastic to try the units and drink some Recoverite and at least one cyclist decided he couldn't live without one. Quads, calves, and shoulders were relieved with NMES at the finish and Brad even got chance to run a little Recovery Plus on the way home in the passenger seat of our van. If you have one of the new Compex devices and haven't been using the Active Recovery and Recovery Plus (Sport Elite) programs following your training sessions, or if you haven't yet called us to order your Compex, you're missing out on a tremendous recovery aid and I encourage you to work a half hour session into your schedule following your training and see how much it helps!

Happy training,
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