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E-CAPS Daily Essentials : Get the best start on your most successful season
Steve Born

Every week I receive a large volume of email inquiries and one of the most frequent questions I field is, "Of all the supplements in the E-CAPS line, which ones should I start with and why?" My answer (as it has been for quite awhile) is always Premium Insurance Caps, Race Caps Supreme, and Mito-R Caps. The reason I recommend these three products so highly - and I definitely recommend them for year round use - is because I truly believe they provide the widest range of benefits, encompassing both athletic performance AND overall health. If you incorporate these three products first and foremost into your supplement program you'll have a solid nutritional foundation for your early and all-season training and a great platform from which any other E-CAPS supplement you take will yield even better benefits.

The Benefits of the E-CAPS Daily Essentials

If you did an internet search of the benefits of some of the nutrients in the products - nutrients like CoQ10 and Idebenone (in Race Caps Supreme) and Acetyl l-carnitine and r-Alpha lipoic acid (in Mito-R Caps) - you'd be online for an awfully long time; the benefits of just these four nutrients are incredibly extensive. To simplify things though, here's what I consider the primary benefits from the consistent use of these products:

    1.) Provides ideal replenishment of basic vitamins and minerals, which athletes deplete in greater volume than sedentary people, to optimize overall health.

    2.) Provides enhanced support for the immune system and cardiovascular system by supplying a wide range of antioxidants for the neutralization of free radicals and the cellular destruction they cause.

    3.) Provides key substrates to enhance and ensure efficient production of energy.

    4.) Provides support for mitochondrial health. Our belief is that the longer you can stimulate the lifespan or health of the mitochondria, the longer you will live and the better you will perform in endurance events. The athlete who has the most healthy, efficient, active mitochondria is the athlete who performs at their best.

    The three E-CAPS Daily Essentials products are available in two money-saving kits: the one-month kit (one bottle of each) is $99.95 - about a $10.00 savings compared to the individual prices of the three products - and the three-month kit (three bottles of each) is $289.95 - a nearly $40.00 savings.

    So, if you're looking for the best way to get your season off to a strong start (and who isn't?), I think that employing these three products into your program, and using them each and every day, is an awfully wise strategy.

    More information regarding the E-CAPS Daily Essentials products can be found on the KNOWLEDGE link on the E-CAPS web site, www.e-caps.com/knowledge.

    Check it out!

    New Product Announcement : Carlson's Norwegian Salmon Oil

    Omegasource, a long time staple in the E-CAPS line, has been retired

    Norwegian Salmon Oil : A superior source of essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids for enhanced athletic performance and overall health

    • Increased absorption of the important energy-producing substrates CoQ10 and idebenone
    • Prolonged endurance from increased fat utilization and enhanced oxygen utilization
    • Cardiovascular system protection from reduced blood pressure and lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels
    • Support for body fat regulation
    • Aid in improving brain function and mood
    • Anti-inflammatory properties to reduce post-workout soreness

    Omegasource, a long-time staple in the E-CAPS product line, is no longer being produced, and, as such, has been retired. But not to worry, in its place is a "healthy fat" supplement that we feel is superior in a variety of ways, discussed below. After reviewing a slew of possibilities, we chose to go with Carlson Laboratories and their Norwegian Fish Oil product. It's the finest product of its kind and it's now available to you!

    Fish Oils - Providing Potent & Wide-Ranging Benefits

    Among their many benefits for athletic performance, the components of fish oil (DHA/EPA) improve endurance by increasing mitochondrial efficiency via their positive effects on coenzyme Q10 and idebenone, two key substrates involved in energy production. For general health purposes, fish oils provide one of the best defenses against cardiovascular disease and are also well known for their positive influence on brain function and mood. In addition, Omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil have been shown to provide impressive anti-inflammatory benefits by reducing specific pro-inflammatory cytokines and Series 2 prostaglandins, while increasing the level of anti-inflammatory Series 3 prostaglandins.

    Why Omega 3 Only?

    Our bodies cannot make the Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids (EFAs), hence the name "essential." It is essential that we obtain them from dietary sources. Most of us do more than fine with Omega 6 intake; it's the Omega 3s that come up short. Recent research points to a 1:3 ratio as ideal, but 1:20 (Omega 3 to Omega 6) is common in most people's diets. Glaringly missing in the majority of the American diets are adequate amounts of Omega 3s, which are vital for athletic performance and absolutely essential for overall health. Consumption of certain types of fish (such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines) two to three times a week, while being an extremely wise strategy, is simply not possible for most of us.

    Why Not Get Omega 3 From Flaxseed Oil?

    In the world of fats it's hard to beat flaxseed oil (the primary component of Omegasource); it's got an attractive EFA makeup in that it is 54% Omega 3 (from alpha Linolenic Acid), 14% Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid), and the remainder primarily various monounsaturated fats. However, given the fact that most diets are already loaded with Omega 6 fatty acids, the O-6s in flaxseed oil are not really necessary. In fact, for highest absorption rates, Omega 6 should not be consumed with Omega 3, as they both require the same enzyme for absorption.

    The bottom line is that we really don't need any supplemental Omega 6s. We do need Omega 3 EFAs, and we need a lot of them to achieve appreciable amounts of the desired end products of Omega 3 EFA metabolism, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Omegasource had no actual DHA or EPA in it. Instead, it had about 157 mg of alpha linolenic acid (ALA) in each 1000 mg capsule. ALA is a couple metabolic steps away from becoming actual DHA & EPA, and due to the aging process and other factors, some-to-most of that ALA will never be converted to DHA & EPA.

    So really, the amount of DHA/EPA in just one capsule of the Carlson Norwegian Fish Oil product will be equal to or greater than what 10 or more Omegasource capsules could provide.

    Carlson - Your Source for Pure, Clean, Contaminant-Free Norwegian Salmon Oil

    Carlson has a long history of producing the highest quality fish oil supplements, which is why we're pleased to include their Norwegian Salmon Oil product alongside our own supplements and fuels. Each Carlson Norwegian Salmon oil soft gel contains one gram (1000mg) of salmon oil from salmon found in the deep, unpolluted waters of Norway. This product is regularly tested using AOAC international protocols for potency and purity by an independent, FDA registered laboratory and found to be free of detectable levels of mercury, cadmium, lead, PCBs, and 28 other contaminants. Carlson Norwegian Salmon Oil supplies your body with concentrated amounts of pure, contaminant-free, and ultra-healthy Omega 3 essential fatty acids... essential for athletic performance and overall health.

    Suggested Usage: Two or more soft gels twice daily, preferably with meals.

    Note: One capsule taken with Race Caps Supreme aids absorption and assimilation of the fat-soluble nutrients coenzyme Q10 and idebenone.

    Dear Client,

    As we turn over the New Year, I can't help but think of renewal. Whether it's a hard and fast resolution or not, January is always a great time to review our game plan and make changes for the future based on where we are today. As we look back over the year of 2004 to assess where we are, we see tremendous growth and blessings among the challenges.

    Every one of you is familiar with challenge. Challenge is what we do daily to increase our personal bests. Every time we get on a bike, put on our running shoes, go for a swim, or strap on skis, our goal is to meet or beat the challenge of the elements and of our own limitations to excel in our sport. Our goal here at E-CAPS and Hammer Nutrition is to help athletes, whatever their sport, realize that nutrition is equally important as training and equipment. We hope that throughout the past year you have become stronger and healthier as a result of our input and product leadership.

    2004 was an outstanding year for E-CAPS and Hammer Nutrition. We faced the challenge of meeting your needs both for new product and for technical advice and product support. We introduced a few new products, such as:

    • Recoverite-The best all-in-one recovery drink on the market.
    • Hammer Gel Pouches-Our "cornerstone" fuel received a new design and packaging to reflect each flavor.
    • 12-count boxes for the Hammer Gel pouches-Now an easy way to store your favorite flavor.
    • Compex Sport-This outstanding product sold like hot cakes. It can recruit muscle fiber at a level not obtainable through normal workouts.
    • Mandarin Orange Heed-Another flavor in our sport drink category.
    • Perpetuem-Our ultra distance fuel now comes in a large 32-servings container
    • Hammer Logo Apparel-Flashy new design.
    • All product labels-Updated all labels for both E-CAPS and Hammer Nutrition to indicate product lines and flavors.

    In regards to service and technical support, we launched a new website loaded with easily accessible product and training information. We also launched a speedy new ultra-efficient order system.

    Growth always creates a challenge; in our case it included major facility expansion. In the fall of 2004 we broke ground on a new warehouse here in Whitefish, and we also contracted with our partner firm in Wisconsin to expand our facilities there as well. The addition to our Montana headquarters will provide office space for additional staff so we can do what we do best, serve our family of athlete-clients with over-the-top customer service and technical support.

    As you know, we are committed to providing you quality products directly from us and in select specialty stores near you. In 2004 we increased our dealer and distributor relations and partnered with Road Runner Sports to provide SpeedGel, UltraPAKs, and EnduroJoint (private labels for Hammer Gel, Premium Insurance Caps, and Tissue Rejuvenator, respectively) for running enthusiasts who appreciate the excellent convenience, service, and prices of Road Runner Sports.

    "The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes and prevention of disease."

    - Thomas Edison
    We have many plans for 2005 already in the works that we know will benefit you, including three new products already on the shelves: the updated Xobaline formula, Carlson's Norwegian Salmon Oil, and the recently FDA-approved Compex Fitness Trainer. Be sure to check out the articles in this issue regarding the products. Plus, we have other exciting new products scheduled for release in 2005

    In this edition you will find an example of our dedication to overall health. We are concerned not only with what you put into your bodies, but also with how you take care of your bodies in general. Some of the inventions of the past century have made it easier to cook, clean, and preserve food, but some innovations have devastating effects on our long-term health. In this issue we take a look at one of those items, the microwave oven. I hope you benefit from this article and it drives you to evaluate your use of this "modern convenience."

    On page 6 you will find an interesting piece written by Dr. Bill Misner regarding current studies evaluating micronutrients to determine what potencies are "safe" for humans. As Dr. Bill points out, test subjects in these studies are not endurance athletes which require a higher level of nutrients than the sedentary subjects used. We encourage you to read this important article and take the recommended steps.

    As you assess where you are after 2004 and look to face the athletic challenges of 2005, let E-CAPS and Hammer Nutrition help you make a game plan that will take you to the next level of performance this year. Don't wait-get started now. Renew your mindset to focus on nutrition.

    As a part of our extended family, the staff here and I wish you your personal best in 2005.

    Brian Frank

    Endurance News Staff

    Steve Born, Dr. Bill Misner, Brian Frank

    Editorial Contributors:
    Nate Llerandi, Chris Sadowski, Tony Schiller, Joe Arnone, Peggy Kragh, Angela Nock

    David Levin*

    Angela Nock

    *Article by Dr. Bill Misner are not proofed by Devid Levin

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    The objective of Endurance News is to provide you, the serious endurance athlete, with a valuable resource that you will find to be informative, educational, thought provoking and helpful in your ongoing pursuit of optimum performance and health.

    Endurance News features insightful articles on diet, nutrition, training and other topics of interest for endurance athletes - written by myself as well as professional and elite amateur athletes and other experts in the area of nutrition and exercise. In addition, Endurance News will include articles highlighting new and existing E-Caps products and how to get the maximum benefits from them.

    In reading this and future issues, please remember that the views expressed in this publication will always be biased in favor of a healthy diet, hard training that emphasizes quality over quantity, and prudent supplementation to improve health and performance. But above all, we at Endurance News believe there are no short cuts, and success can only come from hard work.

    Back issues of Endurance News are available online at: www.e-caps.com

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    The FDA has evaluated none of the statements in this newsletter.

    Microwave Madness : The alarming effects of microwave apparatus on food and humans
    By William Knoff

    Article extracted from Perceptions, May-June 1996 Medical Research Summary; Potential Use in Mind Control

    Microwave cooking ovens were originally researched and developed by German scientists to support mobile operations during the invasion of the Soviet Union. Had they perfected electronic equipment to prepare meals on massive scale, the Nazis could have eliminated the logistical problems connected with cooking fuels while producing edible products in far less time than they could using traditional campfires.

    After the war, the Allies discovered the medical research and documentation concerning these apparatuses. The papers and experimental microwave equipment were transferred to the U.S War Department and classified for reference and scientific investigation. The Soviet Union also retrieved some of the devises and began to experiment on them separately. The Russians - who have done the most diligent research into the biological effects of microwave ovens have outlawed their use and issued an international warning about the biological and environmental damage that can result from the use of this and similar-frequency electronic apparatus.

    Medical research summary

    The most significant German research concerned with the biological effects of microwaves was done at the Humbolt-Universitat zu Berlin in 1942-43, urging the Barbarossa military campaign. Beginning in 1957 and continuing up to the present, Russian studies in the field have been conducted at the Institute of Radio Technology.

    In most research, the foods were exposed to microwave propagation at an energy potential of 100 kilowatts per cubic centimeter per second, to the point considered acceptable for sanitary, normal ingestion.

    The observations made by the German and Russian microwave researches will be presented here in three categories: cancer-causing effects, destruction of nutritive value and biological effects of direct exposure of humans to microwave emissions.

    Microwaved Foods Cause Tumors

    The following effects have been observed when foods are subject to microwave emissions.

    Effects on the foods themselves
    Meats: Heating prepared meats sufficiently to ensure sanitary ingestion creates d-nitrosodiethanolamine, a well known cancer-causing agent.
    Proteins: Active-protein, biomolecular compounds are destabilized.
    Increase in radioactivity: A "binding effect" between the microwaved food and any atmospheric radioactivity is created, causing a marked increase in the amount of alpha and beta particle saturation in the food.
    Milk and cereals: Cancer-causing agents are created in the protein-hydrolysate compound in milk and cereal grains.
    Frozen food: Microwaves used to thaw frozen foods alter the catabolism (breakdown) of the glucoside and galactoside elements.

    Resulting effects on the human body

    Digestive system: The unstable catabolism of microwaved food alters their elemental food substances, causing disorders in the digestive system.
    Lymphatic system: Due to chemical alterations within food substances, malfunctions occur in the lymphatic system, causing a degeneration of the body's ability to protect itself against certain forms of neoplastics (cancerous growths).
    Free radicals: Certain trace-mineral molecular formations in plant substances-in particular, raw root vegetables-form cancer-causing free radicals.

    Increased incidence of stomach and intestinal cancers

    A statistically higher percentage of cancerous growths result in these organs, plus a generalized breakdown of the peripheral cellular tissues and a gradual degeneration of digestive and excretory functions.

    Microwaves Reduce Food Value

    Microwave exposure caused significant decreases in the nutritive value of all foods studied. The following are the most important findings to this date.

    Vitamins and minerals made useless: In every food tested, the bioavailability of the following vital nutrients decreased: vitamin B complex, vitamins C and E, essential minerals and lipotropics.
    Vital energy fields devastated: The vital energy field content of all tested foods dropped 60-90%. Digestibility of fruits and vegetables reduced: Microwaving lowers the metabolic behavior and integration-process capability of alkaloids, glucosides, alactosides and nitrilosides.
    Meat protein worthless: It destroys the nutritive value of nucleoproteins in meats.
    All foods damaged: It greatly accelerates the structural disintegration of all foods tested.

    Biological Effects of Microwaves

    Exposure to microwave emissions also has a negative effect upon the general biological welfare of humans. This was not discovered until the Russians experimented with highly sophisticated equipment and discovered that humans can be adversely affected without even ingesting the foods that have been subjected to microwave emissions. Merely entering the energy field of the food causes harmful side-effects that the Soviets outlawed all such microwave apparatus in 1976.

    Here are the effects observed in humans having "direct" exposure to microwaves, that is, without their having consumed the irradiated food substances: Life-energy field breakdown: Persons near microwave ovens in operation experience a breakdown of their life-energy fields which increases relative to the length of the exposure.

    Cellular energy decreases: The cellular-voltage parallels of individuals using the apparatus degenerate - especially in their blood and lymphatic serums.
    Destablized metabolism: The external-energy activated potentials of food utilization are both destabilized and degenerated.
    Cell damage: Internal cellular-membrane potentials during catabolic processes into the blood serum from the digestive process degenerate and destabilize.
    Brain circuitry destruction: Electrical impulses in the junction potentials of the cerebrum degenerate and breakdown.
    Nervous system: Nerve/electrical circuits degenerate and break down while energy-field symmetry is lost in the neuro-plexuses (nerve centers) in both the front and rear of the central and autonomic nervous systems.
    Loss of bioelectric strength: The bio-electric strengths within the ascending reticular activating system (the system which controls the function of waking consciousness) go out of balance and lose their proper circuiting.
    Loss of vital energies: Humans, animals and plants located within a 500-meter radius of the equipment in operation suffer a long-term, cumulative loss of vital energies.
    Nervous and lymphatic systems damage: Long-lasting residual magnetic "deposits" become located throughout the nervous system and lymphatic system.
    Hormone imbalances: The production of hormones and the maintenance of hormonal balance in both males and females becomes destabilized and interrupted.
    Brainwave disruptions: Levels of disturbance in alpha-, delta- and theta-wave signal patterns are markedly higher than normal.
    Psychological disorders: Because of the disarranged brain waves, negative psychological effects also result. These include loss of memory and ability to concentrate, suppressed emotional threshold, deceleration of intellective processes and interruptive sleep episodes in a statistically higher percentage of individuals subjected to continual range-emission field effects of microwave apparatus, from either cooking apparatus or transmission stations.

    Potential Use In Mind Control

    Due to the creation of random, residual magnetic deposits and binding within the biological systems of the body (nervous and lymphatic systems damage) which can ultimately affect the neurological systems (primarily the brain and nerve centers), longer-term depolarization of tissue neuroelectronic circuits can result. Because these effects can cause virtually irreversible damage to the neuroelectrical integrity of the various components of the nervous system, ingestions of microwaved foods is clearly contraindicated in all respects.

    Their residual magnetism effect can render the psychoneural-receptor components of the brain more subject to influence by artificially induced, microwave-radio-frequency fields from transmission stations and TV relay networks. Soviet neuropsychologists at Uralyera and Novosibirsk have theorized the possibility of psychotelmetric influence (i.e., affecting human behavior by transmitting radio signals at controlled frequencies), causing subjects to comply - involuntarily and subliminally - with commands received through microwave transmissions acting upon their psychological energy fields.

    For this reason, and due to the 28 other contraindications listed above, the use of microwave apparatus in any form is definitely ill-advised. Present scientific opinion in many countries clearly opposes them, as exemplified by the mentioned Soviet ban.

    Thank you to the Idaho Observer for allowing us to reprint this article originally from Leading Edge Research.

    Ask Dr. Bill, Bill Misner, Ph.D.

    QUESTION : Any comments on the recent the negative finding(s) regarding Vitamin E intake over 400 iu (International Units) daily?

    ANSWER : I argue that if taking higher vitamin E dose decreases longevity of only 10% of the subjects, then what about the other 90%? This borders on throwing the proverbial baby out with the bath water. Kind of reminds me of the smokers whose beta-carotene intake was implicated with lung cancer and other diseases.

    Studies should ideally examine two populations, healthy norms and patients, then compare data. Please note the referenced subjects were called "patients" in the 19 studies, that is, already sick subjects. They had heart disease, cancer, or Alzheimer's disease (Dickinson). The definitive study is to test vitamin E in a healthy population, then compare to the sick "patient" population.

    Please also note Dickinson's rebuttal statement to WebMD: Annette Dickinson, PhD, president of the Council for Responsible Nutrition, "Eighteen of the 19 studies in the analysis showed no statistically significant increase in total mortality. I believe they pooled the data to arrive at a conclusion that is based on a statistical artifact."

    In the mid-1990's we worked with a cardiologist and several associated clinics who regularly prescribed 2200 iu vitamin E/day for cardiopathology-compromised patients. At that time I thought 800 iu was ODA [Optimal Daily Amount], adequate for endurance athletes, and initially I resisted the suggestion to dose above 800 iu fat soluble vitamin E. As I searched the evidence however, I concluded that this cardiologist and his associates were rational to enhance their patients' health welfare objective by this higher dose. You would therefore think that if an ill heart patient were given a harmful dose with life-shortening properties that these clinics would have experienced litigious issues. Last I heard their results from high vitamin E therapeutic dose above 2000 iu per day were quite positive. Though that dose is high, it has not been associated with harmful side effects in normal subjects, but is excessive in terms of what is the ideal minimal dose of 800 iu/day. I make this statement to point out that vitamin E dose (even high dose) is well tolerated in human metabolism. Foods do not contain high amounts of vitamin E, meaning to consume the ideal 800 iu daily or more, one must supplement.

    Vitamin E deficiency, on the other hand, is a dangerous proposition and is reported to prosper onset of various cardiovascular disease events. Both ischemic and coronary artery disease patients may present with inadequate food-born vitamin E. Athletes who burn fatty acid fuels during prolonged aerobic exercise produce free-radical metabolites that may further reduce circulating vitamin E antioxidant levels. In my opinion, 800 iu vitamin E is the minimal intake practice for an endurance athlete. The sedentary subject's intake level can be reduced by 50%, but taking the same amount will not result in harmful side effects, assuming no other disorder or medication is contraindicated to this suggested dose.

    If you read the whole argument both sides present, neither side concludes that a single finding associates vitamin E dose with life ending except in the one group of at-risk subjects. If further you examine vitamin E dose in food intake, it is remarkably lacking in the American diet.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Dr. Bill recently emailed me with a list of 100 references (selected from over 200 relevant studies) that may indicate evidence for vitamin E's positive role in longevity. We hope to have that list of 100 references on the E-CAPS web site soon.

    Dietary supplement safety report and is there an outside challenge from Codex?

    Adverse affects from prescription drugs are among the leading causes of death in the United States. Over 5% of all deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to prescription drugs. Food causes 0.24% of the deaths, while dietary supplement use is implicated in 0.0001%. For every person that dies from a dietary supplement reaction, 417 will die from eating foods, and 50,000 will die from a reaction to prescription drugs. It stands that human reactions to over-the-counter foods and prescription medications present a real and present danger to human lifespan.

    Food intake alone does not meet human nutritional needs to prevent deficiency disease disorders, even at the minimal RDI (Reference Daily Intake) levels. From a random selection of 10 men's and 10 women's dietary analyses for 10 vitamins and 7 minerals from food intake alone, micronutrients were determined to be 40.5% deficient based on disease-preventative requirements. (A paper on this study has been accepted after review and is scheduled for publication in the April 2005 issue of the Townsend Letter For Doctors and Patients.) With exercise expense, water soluble and fat-soluble micronutrient requirements increase. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to consume enough calories to meet micronutrient demands without adversely increasing body mass index. Dietary supplementation is the rational choice, but that choice may be in question if foreign interests are given consent to overrule current American law.

    The Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex) is evaluating micronutrients to determine what potencies are "safe" for humans. Their objective is to establish maximum upper limit potencies to guard consumers worldwide against the so-called risks of vitamins. It seems to me that individual countries should determine their own risk associations by utilizing experts selected from nutritional and biological sciences.

    CODEX is seeking to set maximum upper limits for vitamin-mineral products, even though supplements used by their citizens have not demonstrated a health risk. This limitation does not account for depletion loss of nutrients by prolonged endurance exercise. CODEX will restrict the potencies to levels so low that virtually no health benefit will occur. The numbers of milligrams are to be determined by governmental agents, not necessarily professionals, to minimum levels for sedentary subjects. Potencies needed to achieve optimal health in those of us who exercise 2-12 hours per day is NOT the concern of CODEX, nor are responsible alternative medicine professionals an influential part of their advisory process.

    Voluminous data has been submitted to the CODEX commission to document benefits that certain nutrients provide. At least 7000 scientific abstracts review both preventative and therapeutic potencies analyzed for each supplement listed below (E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition supplement ingredients in bold):

    Folic Acid

    Aloe Vera
    Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Green Tea
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B-1
    Vitamin B-2

    Vitamin B-3
    Vitamin B-5
    Vitamin B-6
    Calcium D-glucarate
    Vitamin B-12

    Milk Thistle
    Vitamin C
    CDP Choline
    Vitamin D

    Vitamin E
    Superoxide Dismutase

    Vitamin K
    Coenzyme Q-10

    Ellagic Acid

    These are simply a few of many ingredients formulated in E-CAPS & Hammer Nutrition supplements used by endurance athletes.


    #1 Write, call, or e-mail your state's senators and congressmen to OPPOSE S.722, the Dietary Supplement Safety Act, and tell your congressmen to oppose H.R. 3377, the Dietary Supplement Access and Awareness Act. These two bills put the wheels in motion for restrictions similar to those outlined in the EU Directive international code of standards to become U.S. law.

    The health care freedom we presently enjoy in the USA was established by the 1994 "DSHEA" American law.

    #2 Tell your U.S. senators and congressmen to SUPPORT U.S. Rep. Ron Paul's H.R. 1146, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. This legislation establishes the Constitution of the United States as the supreme law-making and judging power to our elected representatives and American courts, respectively.


    For further information on the European Union Directive on Dietary Supplements and on the Codex Alimentarius legislation, contact:

    Product Price Changes

    Most potent Race Cap Formula just got better (for your pocketbook, that is)

    One of our most popular products, Race Caps Supreme, just went down in price. Yes, you read correctly, it went down by $5.00 per 90-capsule bottle. This isn't a sale; it's for good. The wholesale price of CoQ-10, a key ingredient in Race Caps, has dropped, and we're passing that savings on to you, our valued client. We hope this price drop helps make your year and allows us to introduce this highly effective energy-producing formula to more athletes.

    We have also been able to lower the price on the Compex replacement pads. Where we can, we will save you money!

    We do have some increases in product pricing, but only a few. Here's the entire list of price changes out of our 200 items.

    Everything else has stayed the same as our 2004 pricing. Stop by our website or give us a call to place your order for Race Caps Supreme and our other great products today.

    Winter Sport Sponsorship

    If you're fortunate enough to live where winter means continued groundcover snow, chances are you already Nordic ski, which I believe is one of the greatest workouts you can ever get. If you're a recreational skier, plan a move up to fitness skiing. If you already are a fitness skier, try the competitive level.

    2005 Nordic Ski races sponsored by Hammer Nutrition :

    2/05 : Alley Loop Marathon, Crested Butte, CO
    2/05 : Wells Fargo Boulder Mountain Tour Sun Valley, ID
    2/08 : Idaho Nordic Tamarack Loppet, Tamarack Resort, ID
    2/12 : Subaru North American Vasa, Traverse City, MI
    2/19 : Minnesota Finlandia, Bemidji, MN
    2/26 : Payette Lakes Marathon, McCall, ID
    3/05 : Banknorth Rangeley Lakes X-C Ski Loppet, Rangeley, ME
    3/06 : Banknorth Great Glen to Bretton Woods Nordic Adventure, Gorham, Bretton Woods, NH
    3/13 : Great Bear Chase Ski Race, Calumet, MI
    TBA : Nicolet Norski Classic, Lakewood, WI
    TBA : OSCR Seeley Lake Nordic Marathon, Seeley Lake, MT

    Endurance News Goes Electronic : Inbox or mailbox, it's your choice

    It only took us 43 issues over the course of 12 years, but I am pleased to announce that we can now offer you Endurance News as an HTML e-mail newsletter. Co-produced by our talented graphic artist Angela Nock and web wizard Mandy Hallos, you can be sure that your electronic version will be just as readable as our printed version.

    If you are wondering why you should sign up to receive Endurance News electronically, let me give you a couple of compelling reasons. The first is consistency. You may have noticed that even though we publish quarterly, sometimes you get one and sometimes you don't. This is because the size of our client base has become so large that we can only mail to those of you who have ordered within the past four months. We used to go back an entire year, but due to ever escalating printing and postage costs and the aforementioned size of our mailing list, we've had to cut back.

    Of course we wouldn't mind if you made a point of ordering every 120 days or so, but we don't expect you to just so you can receive every issue of Endurance News, especially with an increasing number of you buying our Hammer products from your local retailer. So, you can be sure to get all the news in every issue by subscribing to the e-version. If you prefer to read on paper instead of the computer screen, each issue will have a "printer friendly" button that will allow you to print out your copy to read and pass along to friends.

    The second reason is our desire to conserve natural resources in all that we do. 15,000 issues at 12 to 16 pages each means a lot of paper, and that means a lot of trees. If even 50% of you sign up to receive EN electronically, we'll be able to save a lot of trees.

    Of course, we save money when we send an issue electronically instead of mailing a paper copy to you, but really, this is not our primary motivation. All savings will go right back into improving the publication and circulation. We can reach clients who are more than four months out from their last order, increase the content of each issue, and possibly increase from four to six issues per year in 2005.

    Lastly, let me assure you that by subscribing to Endurance News in HTML e-mail form, you are not agreeing to let us spam you daily with junk mail or sell your address to a third party. We take your in-box very seriously and we'll put Endurance News in it only if you subscribe. Go to www.e-caps.com today and enter your email address into the field on the left. You'll be signed up for Endurance News online.

    As you can see, there are several good reasons to subscribe, and I can't think of any not to. Do it today; you'll be glad you did.

    Tony Schiller : Ten sure-fire steps you can take now to launch a great season

    Yes, it's the coldest month of the year, but the days are getting longer, and before you know it, the spring and summer racing season will be upon us. So take some time now to consider these ten tips for turning 2005 into a great season of racing.

    1. Think Back - Review the first 90-120 days of seasons when you raced exceptionally well, and identify the elements that made you deserving. Repeat them this year. Here are some questions to prompt your process:
    • What was your level of passion?
    • How excited were you for the season?
    • What was the motivation driving your success?
    • Did you have specific goals in mind?
    • Did you have them written down?
    • Were you training alone or with a partner/group?
    • What were your training frequencies and volumes?
    • Did you incorporate weight training or alternative training?
    • Did you do winter racing (same or other sports)?
    • Which of your attributes from that season stand out as special?

    2. Look to the Classics for Inspiration - If your video library doesn't include the 1989 Tour de France and Hawaii Ironman races, get them now. And if you do own them, I'll bet it's been a decade since you last viewed them for a supercharged workout. Either way, it's never been easier to find motivation in video from the '80's classics. I prefer the 6-packs of Lance's conquests to the state-of-the-art training DVDs now available. And if the workout room needs a DVD player, you can now pick one up for under $30, or a DVD/VCR combo deck for $79.

    3. Become a Student of Your Craft - Know what you don't know and seek to change it. Start by simply identifying one concept you've never fully comprehended. Just one. Name it and commit to a study plan to master that element or concept. Then apply your newfound knowledge to your routine or approach. It's really that easy.

    IFlora has changed... for the better!

    Sedona Labs, the makers of the iFlora probiotic supplement, recently informed us of some changes to the product:

    Easier to Read Label
    iFlora's previous label indicated that the product has 30 billion cells per GRAM, which means each 500mg CAPSULE had 15 billion cells. This could confuse many American consumers who aren't familiar with the metric system. The label has been changed to indicate that each capsule has 15 billion cells - as it always has. The potency is still the same.

    Less Filler
    Sedona Labs has reduced the amount of filler by nearly half, thus reducing the overall capsule from 500mg to 260mg.

    Smaller, Easier to Swallow Capsule
    By reducing the amount of filler, Sedona Labs has made a smaller, easier to swallow capsule-with the same potency.
    4. Get Rejuvenated by Re-mastering Old Skills - Sameness is the kiss of death. So decide on a skill or technique you feel exceptionally competent in and pretend you're learning it now for the very first time. Seek to find the freshest ideas and thinking available on the skill. GoogleTM it. Then have fun practicing and applying the latest concepts to bring your skill to an entirely new and higher level.

    5. Be Honest with Yourself - Here's a quick quiz. If you were competing against yourself, what weakness would you attempt to attack or exploit for a competitive advantage? In my workshops, I often ask attendees that question with the instruction to raise their hand when they've got the plan, and always hands shoot straight up. The point is that we tend to know our weaknesses all too well. But doing something about it is another matter. How about you? Are you truly willing to courageously act to eliminate your biggest weakness? If so, what is your plan?

    6. Shave Your Legs (metaphorically speaking) - Let go of ego-driven stubbornness to reinvent the wheel. While some rituals or behaviors might seem insignificant on the surface, there's a profound power and symbolism gained from adopting the "best practices" of forward-thinking past and present champions in your sport.

    7. Winning Costs Money . . . - Why should racing be different than anything else in life? Adopt the belief system that you're always on the lookout for smart ways to invest to gain a competitive advantage. Refuse to lose because of inferior equipment. Refuel with the finest (legal) sports nutrition. Make performance treatments, massage, and injury rehabilitation a part of your routine. Travel to competitions that bring out your full potential.

    8. . . . But Victory Cannot be Bought - Contradiction? Not really. The way we invest in and take care of ourselves and our equipment reflects the pride we put into the endurance lifestyle. It sets a tone of professionalism that leads to performing our best. But we know that our success ultimately comes down to what's inside.

    9. Become a Fan of History - Can you tell the stories of the epic battles in your sport? More than just great entertainment, we can learn much from learning how the champions of the past won, often due less to science and technology and more to superior grit, desire, and true mastery of skill and technique.

    10. Bad News, Good News - First, the bad news... if you've read this far you've proven you're an over-the-top-endurance-obsessed-junky (join the club - it takes one to know one). The good news: this makes you among the fittest people in the world, plus you have that single-minded focus that defines your strength. So honor that strength, but also challenge yourself to have more balance away from the sport. Grow a few friendships with those from "the other side." You'll feel fresher, perform better, and maybe even inspire a cp (couch potato) to make a wholesale lifestyle change.

    Have a great year!

    Tony Schiller is among less than a handful of men or women to be named Overall Amateur Triathlete of the Year ('95) and Master Triathlete of the Year ('02) by USA Triathlon. He's started 8 ITU world championship races and earned 8 medals (5 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze), and he credits being an E-CAPS client since 1988 for his amazing consistency. Professionally, Tony works with corporations as a speaker and consultant on building BreakAway performing teams.

    You can email Tony at tony@breakawayresults.com

    Nate's Corner : Consistency is Key

    When devising a training plan for the upcoming year, whether you do it yourself or have a coach outline it for you, consistency in your training is key.

    Skipping workouts, however infrequent it might seem, will hamper your progress and instill a sense of guilt. How many times do we think, "I should have done _____ today." Even if we don't have the time, the thought of a missed workout eats at us until our next opportunity to sweat.

    And if you do find yourself skipping workouts frequently, then it might be time to rethink your plan. Maybe you're scheduling too many hours or workouts during your week. When I ask my athletes to figure out how many hours, maximum, they have each week to train, I tell them to subtract 20-25% from that figure to come up with a realistic training budget. That 20-25% deduction allows for those "unforeseens" that take up our time but we can't really put our fingers on. For example, I didn't work out today because I spent a lot of time taking down and putting away holiday decorations. I decided to keep the day low stress rather than add another "to do" to the list.

    The holidays are behind us and it's time to start focusing on the new season. The more consistent you can be, and the more stress you can remove from your training schedule, the more progress you'll make and the more fun you'll have.

    Happy Training,
    Nate Llerandi

    Nate Llerandi is a former national champion class swimmer/world class triathlete. He has been coaching since 1990 and creates programs for athletes of all sports and ability levels. You can contact him at natellerandi@yahoo.com

    2005 Catalog : In the mail

    Have you seen it? The just-printed 2005 Hammer Nutrition/E-CAPS catalog is headed to your mailbox. This year's catalog features updated product descriptions of our classic line-up, a few terrific new items, and an expanded apparel and soft goods section, all interspersed with new photos and our popular endurance mini-series, "The 10 Biggest Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make." All this and more in a great quick-reference tool, the 2005 catalog is one you'll want to keep around. If you haven't received your copy yet, call us at 800.336.1977, and we'll send one out right away.

    Putting Faces with Names : Meet the staff at E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition
    Angela Nock

    We thought we'd take this space in the newsletter and introduce you to the staff here at E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition. It's always nice to put faces with names isn't it?

    Brian and Sonia Frank: Brian and Sonia are the owners of the company. Brian's passion remains health, whether nutritional or physical. Where he leads, we follow. Sonia just stepped down from her responsibilities as personnel director to spend more time home schooling her two youngest children.

    Joe Arnone: Joe is an avid cyclist who doubles as our resident chef. He has been working with dealers, sponsored athletes, and international distribution since April of 2001.

    Steve Born: Steve is the 5th inductee in the UltraCycling hall of fame. Steve has worked for E-CAPS since April of 2000 and is our Senior Technical Advisor.

    Karen Corcoran: Karen is a passionate animal lover and the 'Continuity Queen' taking special care of our auto-ship clients. She has been a member of the team here since October of 2002.

    Stephen Denys: Stephen works in the warehouse and keeps us all entertained with stories about food. Stephen has been packing your orders with care since October of 2002.

    Gail Dolan: As the Office Manager Gail keeps us all in line (we're pretty sure she's Superwoman). Gail has been keeping things running smoothly since August of 2001.

    Sarah Finne: Sarah is the second newest member of the team, starting in December of 2004, and is already hard at work with public relations, proof reading, and client service. Welcome aboard!

    Jessica Frank: Jessica has been a part of this company since her birth although she wasn't a regular on the payroll until August of 2003. When she's not pursuing her education she takes your orders as a Client Advisor.

    Mandy Hallos: Mandy joined the team in March of 2004 and we've given her the title of 'web wizard'. Mandy keeps busy making sure your online experience is a pleasant one.

    Back row l-r: Peggy, Anglea, Steve, Casey, Jonathan
    Stephan, Brian, Dave, Michael, Joe, Tony
    Front row l-r: Mandy, Sarah, Gail, Soni, Autumn

    Autumn Kenfield: Autumn joined the team as a Client Advisor in February of 2003 and then returned to work in July of 2004 following a three-month maternity leave after the birth of her little girl, Violet.

    Peggy Kragh: Peggy likes to ski deep powder. She joined the team in August of 2003 and keeps extremely busy as the Head of Operations.

    Max Kutzman: Max has worked in the warehosue since December of 2004 making him the 'newbie'. Glad you're here Max.

    Bill Misner: Known as Dr. Bill, Bill Misner heads up our R&D department from his location in Spokane, WA.

    Dave Nixon: Dave has been a member of the E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition family since March of 2003. When he's not working in the warehouse he and his wife make the best salsa on the planet.

    Angela Nock: Angela, our resident snowshoer, has been using her creativity as the Graphic Designer since January of 2002.

    Tony Siorek: When Tony isn't hunting or fishing, he holds the title of Warehouse Manager. Tony has been an E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition employee since 1998.

    Michael Stewart: Michael is our Purchasing Manager and keeps our inventory fully stocked. He has been an employee since February of 2004.

    Casey Tate: Casey is a Client Advisor and has been a part of the team since May of 2004. At 6'4", he's also our go-to-guy when we need light bulbs changed.

    Jonathan Weaver: Jonathan has been a seasonal employee since 2001 helping out wherever he is needed as his college schedule permits.

    Compex Fitness Trainer and Compex Sport Comparison
    Joe Arnone

    The FDA has just cleared the way for another Compex model, the Compex Fitness Trainer, to be sold in the USA, and E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition is one of the first to sell it. If you are looking to enhance your training and recovery, there is nothing more effective than the Compex Sport or Fitness Trainer. We have outlined below some of the major differences between the Sport and the Fitness Trainer models to help you make an informed buying decision.

    We first started selling the Compex Sport when it debuted in the USA in late 2003. More than a year later, we have many satisfied customers now using this remarkable training tool. At a retail price of $899.00, the Compex Sport is the choice of many cyclists, triathletes, and others who are looking for a training advantage. The six programs, Potentiation (Warm-Up), Resistance, Strength, Explosive Strength, Endurance, and Active Recovery, cover all your training and recovery needs throughout the season. The Sport is especially useful for enhancing and even replacing weight training in the gym during the off-season.

    The Compex Fitness trainer is a scaled-down version of the Sport. Having three programs, Endurance, Resistance and Active Recovery, this unit sells for $499.00. If you aren't interested in building pure strength and muscle mass, and you don't normally incorporate off-season weight training into your yearly routine, this may be the unit for you. I think that runners in particular, and anyone else wanting to maintain their existing muscle mass, are good candidates for the Fitness Trainer. The Resistance program is a light strength program that can be used to help increase strength to some degree without building large amounts of muscle mass.

    ProgramCompex SportCompex Fitness TrainerPrimary Purpose
    Potentiation* Warm-up
    Resistance**Light strength or strength maintenance
    Strength* Strength building
    Explosive Strength* Pure sprint strength
    Endurance**All endurance sports
    Active Recovery**Excellent recovery

    Please evaluate all factors, not just price, to get the unit that will make your performance soar.

    If you are looking for a significant training advantage over your competition, we highly recommend the Compex. You can learn more about both models on our website at www.e-caps.com, or call us anytime and we will be happy to discuss the details. We can walk you through the evaluation process to help you decide which training device is right for you.

    Honoring a Fellow Cyclist : The Larry Schwartz Year-Rounder Century Challenge

    John Hughes of the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) recently informed us of this new cycling challenge. The Year-Rounder honors Larry Schwartz, who won the UMCA Mileage Challenge in 2001, was second in 2002, and was leading in 2003 when he was struck and killed by a school bus. For a profile of Schwartz, go to: www.ultracycling.com/about/hof_schwartz.html

    Hughes writes, "Club centuries are the highlight of many endurance riders' seasons: the fun of a day on the bike with friends and the challenge of riding 100 miles. And, at least for the day, an unrestricted diet!

    The Year-Rounder is for century riders looking for a new challenge: consistent performance throughout the year! Can you ride a century (or longer) every month of the year? You can maintain your fitness and have more fun cycling. If you reach the goal, we'll award you a Year-Rounder medal.

    The Year-Rounder is a division of the UMCA Mileage Challenge. All you need to do is sign up for the Mileage Challenge, and submit your centuries - we'll do the rest. Centuries can be either organized centuries or personal rides that you design yourself (explained below).

    Although the goal is a century a month, it might be too snowy or icy some months; so we'll allow two make-up rides. For example, if you get snowed out in January, just do two centuries in February.

    For routing reasons, some centuries are just under 100 miles. In the Mileage Challenge a Century is a ride of 90 - 149 miles.

    You don't have to ride alone - UMCA members lead HUB rides in many parts of the country. These are low-key rides - no t-shirts, no catered rest stops - just friends out for a day on the bike. More information at: www.ultracycling.com/events/hubdirectory.html.

    To get started, sign up at: www.ultracycling.com/standings/umcform.html. Then put on your wool jersey, head out the door, and we'll do the rest. Mileage Challenge participants receive many benefits including an e-book Century Tips on training, nutrition, equipment and technique; an e-newsletter, sharing tips and stats; a bi-monthly Year Rounder column by Crista Borras and Chuck Wood, who ride centuries every weekend; a section at www.ultracycling.com devoted to the best century stories sent in by riders.

    Rules Summary:
    An "Organized" century is a ride with: a name, designated start/finish location and starting time(s), route plan, organizer, and advance publication of the ride or ride series in club newsletters, etc.

    A "Personal" century is a personally designed ride. For credit, you must complete at least 90 miles in a 12-hour period including off the bike time (and maintain an 8.33 mph average after that). Personal centuries provide century-length riding opportunities for riders in seasons or locales where Organized centuries are sparse.

    Any Mileage Challenge ride counts in the Year Rounder-brevets, double centuries and ultra events.

    We like to keep the holidays free for time with the family, so the Mileage Challenge and Year Rounder will end on December 22, 2005."

    For complete rules and ride documentation form, go to: www.ultracycling.com

    Gear Up : The 2005 Highline Hammer

    It's hard to think about riding a bicycle through the mountains at this time of year but before we know it, August will be right around the corner and we'll be gearing up for the 4th Annual Highline Hammer. This years' ride will take place August 4th 7th and will have many new features as well as the special touches that help make this event one to remember. There will be sensational meals served all weekend, full support for all riders, breath-taking scenery, epic rides and great fellowship.

    This year we are expanding on the seminars that are offered and so we've added an informal introductory talk/Q&A session with Steve Born on Thursday and a cutting-edge discussion with Dr. Bill Misner on Friday. We are also providing an option for cyclists who would rather not ride the entire 130+ mile course through Glacier National Park to do a shorter version, giving extra time to relax before the Saturday evening meal.

    To accomplish this incredible weekend, the cost is $300 per person with individuals also responsible for their own travel, accommodations, incidentals, and meals before and after the 4-day weekend. Be sure to look in the next issue of Endurance News for a more comprehensive article and the complete weekend itinerary. If you just can't wait that long, cruise over to www.e-caps.com/highline to read more about this amazing weekend. We look forward to seeing you in August.

    For more details, e-mail highlinehammer@hammergel.com

    From The Saddle Of Steve Born : Welcome to 2005

    Welcome to our first Endurance News of 2005! All of us here at E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition want to wish you a healthy, happy, and successful year. I don't know about you, but I always get super-psyched during the first part of the year, primarily because I think of it as being a great time to make a fresh start for myself, learning from both successes and mistakes of the past, in the hopes of improving myself as a person as well as an athlete.

    With that in mind, please know that we're here for you, ready to assist you in achieving your athletic/health goals for the upcoming year. This issue of Endurance News is loaded with useful and interesting articles, suggestions, and new product info (definitely check out the articles about the new Xobaline formula and the Carlson's Norwegian Fish Oil product!). Also be sure to read Tony Schiller's article, "Ten Sure-Fire Steps You Can Take Now to Launch a Great Season," which provides some great tips for you to consider.

    The beginning of the New Year also gets me amped because I start thinking about which events I'll get to attend during the upcoming year. Being at events, though it is technically "work," has always been really fun for me. The reason is that I get to meet you athletes (putting faces to names is always great) and of course to help "spread the word" in person about E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition products.

    Speaking of Travel Plans

    I don't have all my travel plans finalized yet, but some 2005 event appearances include:

    Noquemanon Ski Marathon
    Marquette, MI - 1.29.05

    Boulder Mountain Tour (Nordic Race)
    Sun Valley, ID - 2.5.05

    PAC Tour Desert Camp
    Tucson, AZ - 3.7-12.05

    Powerman Alabama
    Birmingham, AL - 4.10.05

    St Anthony's Triathlon
    St Petersburg, FL - 4.22-24.05

    Powerman North Carolina
    Carrboro, NC - 5.1.05

    Georgia Rock 'N RollMan Triathlon - 6.5.05
    MooseMan Triathlon Festival
    Bristol, NH - 6.4-5.05

    Pacific Crest Triathlon/Weekend Sports Festival
    Sunriver, OR - 6.25-26.05

    Spirit of Racine Triathlon
    Racine, WI - 7.24.05

    Great Buckeye Challenge
    Waynesville, OH - 8.21.05
    Timberman Triathlon
    Gilford, NH - 8.20-21.05

    US Half Triathlon Championships
    Kansas City, MO - 9.25.05

    This is just a potential list - other event possibilities certainly exist - and most of it is tentative at this point. I've already committed to the first three events on the list, and as other events become finalized, I'll let you know; it would be great to meet you at some of these events!

    2004 Furnace Creek 508

    Due to the Endurance News printing schedule, it's only now that I get to tell you about my favorite race of all, the Furnace Creek 508 Ultra Cycling Race. Once again, race director Chris Kostman (who we profiled in the last issue of Endurance News) put on a magnificent race and this year's edition of The 508 was the largest ever, with 117 entrants competing in either the solo or team races. It was also one of the toughest years for the race in terms of weather conditions, as tremendously strong winds (we're talking desert winds here) battered the field for much of the race, causing one of the highest dropout rates in the history of the race. Only 31 of 59 (52%) of the solo riders rolled the full 508.

    Seemingly impervious to the already-difficult course and the unusually harsh conditions, was E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition sponsored rider Marko Baloh of Slovenia. Marko simply crushed the field and the course, taking the early lead and extending it throughout the race, finishing in an amazing time of 29:26:25, over four hours ahead of the second place finisher. Finishing this race at all is a major accomplishment, finishing it in a fast time is never easy, but going sub-30 in those conditions is downright eye-opening. I have worked with Marko on his supplement/fueling program the past couple of seasons, and he used several E-CAPS supplements and Hammer Nutrition fuels during the race. Needless to say, they worked incredibly well, as expected. Congratulations Marko on a superb effort!

    Race results and other news and information about this year's and previous Furnace Creek 508s are posted at www.the508.com.

    The Shadow TourTM: The Ultimate Cycling Adventure

    As most of you know, we sponsor/support a variety of endurance events, and that number grows every year, with over 2000 on our list so far for 2005. One of the new events we're supporting is The Shadow Tour. My friends Larry Gitman and Jim Knight (who, by the way, won this year's two-person team division at the Furnace Creek 508) are the creators/founding members of Shadow Tour, LLC. They sent me the following press release:

    "The Shadow TourTM is an upscale, customized reproduction of the entire 23-day Tour de France presented entirely in Southern California's San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties. This epic tour is synchronized with the actual Tour de France and matches it in terms of total distance (2,100+ total miles) and total elevation gain (100,000+ vertical feet of climbing), The Shadow TourTM covers average daily distances of 110+ miles and 5,000+ vertical feet of climbing.

    The 2005 Shadow TourTM is offered primarily as a complete three-week adventure, with partial-package slots available to riders who wish to test themselves for just one or two weeks. Each stage of the Shadow TourTM is designed to closely resemble the actual stage occurring on the same day in France. Safety is a primary concern in stage design. Riders will stay in very nice hotel and resort properties, and each night will be able to view that day's televised stage from France-with the added authentic context of having ridden all the tour stages to that point.

    The Shadow TourTM is a unique and highly challenging event; there is no comparable tour offered anywhere-in or out of the United States. It provides riders with an opportunity to experience the ultimate cycling adventure, fully supported, on safe roads, in great weather, traveling through a variety of outstanding areas-deserts, mountains, and Pacific coast-all in beautiful Southern California."

    We're excited to be associated with Shadow Tour, LLC for 2005! For more information on the 2005 Shadow TourTM or other tours and training camps offered by Shadow Tour, LLC, go to www.shadowtour.com.

    Have a great 2005!


    Product Spotlight : Xobaline

    Improved RNA synthesis = enhanced muscle tissue regeneration & better recovery

    What's the big news with Xobaline? A potent new formula and a more efficient delivery format, that's what! Gone are both the liquid and encapsulated formulas. Now Xobaline comes in small, sublingual (under the tongue) tablets, available in 30 and 90 count bottles. More importantly, the new Xobaline formula now consists of vitamin B12 in the methylcobalamin form, the most biologically active form available, and folic acid. After much research, we're absolutely convinced that this dual nutrient combination presents several significant advantages over the original B12 only formula, especially in regards to recovery. We know you'll agree! One tiny tablet dissolved under the tongue after your workouts goes a long way towards enhancing the recovery process.

    RNA - An endurance essential

    RNA is a long-chain nucleic acid composed of linked nucleotides, the building blocks for all cellular reproduction. Science suggests that improving RNA "status" within the body results in, among other benefits, gains in both lean muscle mass and mitochondrial resynthesis. When this occurs, the athlete may expect increases in energy capacity, metabolism, and enhanced recovery after exercise.

    Folic acid & vitamin B12 - Necessary and inseparable nutrient partners

    Both folic acid and vitamin B12 have key roles in the manufacturing and resynthesis of RNA, which, as mentioned earlier, is crucial for the regeneration of lean muscle mass. Folic acid, when ingested, is converted to folinic acid, the required co-factor for the resynthesis of RNA. In addition, folic acid plays an important role in the lowering of homocysteine, elevated levels of which are believed to be a primary culprit in various cardiovascular diseases. Lastly, folic acid is a required substance for the synthesis of the iron-carrying heme component of the hemoglobin in red blood cells.

    Vitamin B12 is an essential co-factor for the conversion of folic acid to its metabolically active form and, like folic acid, plays an important role in the reduction of elevated homocysteine levels. B12 improves the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, which of course plays a role in energy production. B12 is known to alleviate the tiredness associated with fatigue and is required for the formation of red blood cells.

    In order for these two vitamins to provide maximal benefits, they need to be taken together. Dr. Bill Misner writes, "Folate [folic acid] & B12 must be together for gains hoped for in RBC [Red Blood Cells], homocysteine methylation, cardiovascular effects, and downstream DNA strand synthesis." With the newly formulated Xobaline formula you get both folic acid and B12 in an ideal 4:1 ratio.

    The new and improved Xobaline - the catalyst for increased aerobic capacity and superior recovery!

    Congratulations : Inside Triathlon's 2004 All-Americans

    Each year, Inside Triathlon magazine lists the top athletes in both duathlon and triathlon - their annual "All American" list. According to the magazine's editors, "To make the list, athletes had to show up and race well at the big events, such as the USAT Nationals, Ironman Hawaii, and ITU Worlds." The Jan/Feb issue of Inside Triathlon magazine lists the 2004 All-American Duathletes and Triathletes. Considering the tremendous numbers of competitive multisport athletes, being named "All American" is a prestigious honor indeed.

    We'd like to recognize the following E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition clients on being named All Americans! CONGRATULATIONS!

    Stacey Richardson - Women 30-34
    Lara Block - Women 35-39
    Kristen Villopoto - Women 40-44
    Cheryl McGinnis - Women 50-54***
    Mark Beversdorf - Men 30-34***
    Jeremy Sipos - Men 30-34
    Rod Jette - Men 35-39***
    John McGovern - Men 40-44***
    Robert Imbriale - Men 45-49
    Kerry Mayer - Men 55-59***
    Robert Egan - Men 60-64
    Leroy Lamm - Men 65-69
    Kelly Bergkessel - Women 20-24
    Annie Warner - Women 20-24
    Margaret Shapiro - Women 25-29
    Sabine Bildstein - Women 30-34***
    Amy McGrath - Women 30-34
    Kirsten Kincade - Women 35-39
    Kathleen Johnston - Women 45-49
    Cheryl McGinnis - Women 50-54
    Mariana Phipps - Women 60-64
    Molly Hayes - Women 70-74

    Steven Duplinsky - Junior Men
    Joshua Riff - Men 25-29
    John Reback - Men 30-34
    Mitchell Gold - Men 35-39
    Rhett Bonner - Men 40-44
    Patrick High - Men 40-44
    Terry Labinksi - Men 40-44
    Mike Llerandi - Men 40-44
    Steve Pyle - Men 45-49
    Tony Schiller - Men 45-49
    Herb Thompson - Men 45-49
    Jim Bruskewitz - Men 50-54
    Dean Harper - Men 50-54
    Tim Kerr - Men 50-54
    Duncan Thomas - Men 55-59
    Ed Letourneau - Men 60-64
    Dan Neyenhuis - Men 60-64
    Jon Adamson - Men 65-69
    Antonio Panizza - Men 65-69
    Donald Frantz - Men 70-74
    Odd Sangesland - Men 75-79

    *** Denotes a #1 ranking

    Athlete Spotlight Pat Arnone : A Soaring Success

    This issues' Athlete Spotlight is closely related to the goings-on here at E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition. Pat Arnone is the kid brother of our very own Joe Arnone. Recently Joe took some time to talk with Pat about his career, his goals, and where he's headed next. Enjoy.

    Joe: You are featured on the cover of our 2005 Winter catalog. Can you tell us about the photo, what you are doing and what possesses you to do this?

    Pat: The picture was taken in Steamboat Springs during the 2004 Alpine Ski Flying Championships, I went 343 feet, my personal best. We jump on regular alpine ski racing equipment, long skis 223 cm, but regular boots and downhill speed suits, better known as Gelandesprung or Gelande. I have always loved catching air, bmx, skateboards, and especially skiing. When I moved to Steamboat, I finally got the opportunity to try the nordic style jumps, there is nothing like it. The further you fly the more fun.

    J: What brought you to this point in your athletic career and what other sports have you or do you still participate in?

    P: I was and am an alpine ski racer and raced in high school, in Europe in FIS races, and then in college before moving to Steamboat. I have and still race road bikes and do a little nordic skate skiing.

    J: We heard you were invited to ski on the 1988 Olympic team in Calgary. How did they get your name and what happened that you weren't able to compete?

    P: In January of 1988 I raced in the British Military Championships, they invite all of the NATO countries, and all of Europe has mandatory service, so some of the countries send some of their best skiers to these events. I placed 4th in the Giant Slalom and 7th in the Downhill. There were a few guys in the race from France and Germany that were already headed to the Olympics, so I turned a few heads. A friend of mine knew one of the US team coaches and knew that we were having trouble finding guys that could compete at that level. So after a few phone calls it was decided that I might be put on the team. Because I did not have an international license (FIS) the decision makers figured that we could not get me one in time for the Games. Timing is everything.

    J: Have you had many injuries participating in your chosen sports?

    P: Yes, 2 knee surgeries, 2 AC shoulder separations, 1 MCL knee injury, 1 ripped quad muscle, and several minor things like road rash.

    J: What Hammer and E-CAPS products do you use and how have they helped you?

    P: When jumping I take Tissue Rejuvenator for the knee, I also use Race Caps Supreme, Perpetuem, HEED, and Recoverite for my regular workouts. For cycling I use Race Caps Supreme, Endurolytes, Perpetuem, HEED and Recoverite. All of these products are topnotch additions to my daily diet and have allowed me to perform way above the levels I was before I started using them.

    J: We understand you are using the Compex like Hermann Maier. What benefits have you seen and what goals are you trying to achieve with this product?

    P: I have just started using the Compex, but my muscle tone seems to be advancing very rapidly. I have not jumped since starting, but I have been doing some ski race training and I feel really strong. My goal is to add power to my jumping in an effort to break the Gelande World Record (only 16 feet to go, not very far at 65 mph). E-CAPS and Hammer Nutrition products are without a doubt the best products of this kind on the market. As I stated above, I would not be able to perform at the level I am now without them.

    A New Warehouse : Growing to meet your needs

    We broke ground last fall and now the work is almost complete on our new warehouse. E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition is growing and we want to continue to meet your needs with the quickest shipping options and state-of-the-art warehousing and transport equipment. Our new direct order system makes the process fast and efficient. So efficient, in fact, that you need to be sure you have your entire order list ready when you call, because once you place your order, it's done! Along with improving the process of getting orders out the door, we're also remodeling our current building to make room for additional office space. This means more client advisors to assist you in placing your order and answer all of your technical questions.

    We're excited by this expansion and the opportunities to better serve you.

    Chris Sadowski : An Iron Man

    If you watched the telecast of the 2004 Ironman Hawaii, you probably saw the coverage of an athlete who had to walk the last several miles of the bike course after being accidentally hit by one of the official motorbikes. In a show of tremendous courage and fortitude, this athlete kept his focus on the goal of finishing, despite the catastrophe that had just befallen him. The athlete? Chris Sadowski, one of our valued clients. We have his own report of this remarkable example of effort, focus, and courage to share with you.

    Chris wrote, "I have to hand it to your company for products that really work. Without them I would have not been able to do the 2-1/2 hour walk at 2PM with no water. Like the below article states, I was prepared for a grueling marathon and was completely hydrated prior to the crash. I have followed every guideline that your company offered and then I took more of both the Endurolytes and Perpeteum (so much so that my intestines hurt). During the bike portion I had a 5-hour bottle of Perpeteum with me. And, I prepared a strong squeeze bottle (the small Hammer Gel plastic hand held) of Heed for the marathon. At some points, I was taking two Endurolyte tablets an hour. It all worked like a charm. I only took water, soup, bananas and fig newtons from the aid stations. I stayed away from the Gatorade and Coke. I had previously used this method for Ironman Switzerland (11:05) in July of this year.

    Congratulations Chris on a truly heroic effort!

    Below is his account of the bizarre accident and his complete dedication to finishing the race.

    I had trained for an extremely hard race, but never expected that while I was thinking about how bad my toes were hurting from stomping my pedals against the wind, that I would have been hit from behind by a motorcycle. I was also trying to pay attention to the upcoming "Energy Lab" intersection. There were a lot of people, cars and cones near the bike course. I remember making a 6" move from the right of the white line to the left of the white line to avoid hitting some of the upcoming staggered cones and pedestrians in the shoulder. I then remember hearing tires squealing before the impact. It was a huge force that struck the rear of my bike. Immediately I thought it was another bike that hit me and then a milli-second later, I thought it was a car, and then a second later I thought it was a semi because of how hard it threw me from the bike.

    While I was watching my feet fly up, I remembered thinking that this was really going to hurt once I made impact with the asphalt on my back. The road-rash on my right butt, both forearms, both elbows and my right thumb showed where all the impact occurred. I was lucky not to have hit my head. The medics were in the area and immediately rushed over. I rolled over as they were doing a quick assessment. My left calf was displaced and I had to slap and massage it back into place. Both my elbows were swollen. My right thumb was numb. But as I looked up and over at my bike, all I could think about was, "Kim (my wife) is going to kill me. There is no way I can explain this to her and the bike was only 10 months old".

    The medics were still freaking out and wanted to put me on a spine board and tape me up like a mummy. After their initial exam was over, I had to tell them all to settle down and tell me my options. If they would have helped me, I would have been DQ'd. My rear tire was destroyed and my carbon Giant TCR Zero frame was cracked at the rear diagonal. The bike techs were there and trying to put on a new tire, but the frame wouldn't accept it. I had two options, but quitting the race was not going to be one of them. So, my only option was to pick up the bike and walk it in.

    I never really thought that what I was doing was 'unheard of' or 'crazy'. Even the head marshal told me to 'stop being a martyr and put on these shoes'. He wanted me to use his shoes to finish the walk. I wouldn't have dreamed of taking outside assistance and later be DQ'd. The underlying rule of this event, as well as all tri's, is that you do it on your own. Period. I've had enough of a variety of endurance training to understand that you have to be ready for anything that will come your way. Sometimes you just have to wipe the blood off, swallow your anger and just continue. This was just another one of those obstacles to overcome. My anger subsided once I started concentrating on walking as effortlessly as possible to avoid tearing my socks. I had told my wife the day before that this race was 'special' and that I would finish it at all costs, no matter if that meant crawling across the finish line. I just knew that I had to finish the bike portion so that I could relax during the marathon. I've been a runner for about 15 years, and for some reason, I wasn't really worried about this marathon. I kept thinking that it couldn't be any worse than the 48-mile ultramarathons I do in Switzerland (I've done it 8 times). Little did I know that it was going to be a tough run.

    It was a long 2-1/2 hour walk with the bike on my shoulder and, amazingly, my bike socks didn't have any holes afterward. It's a good thing that I fully hydrated in anticipation of a grueling marathon because I went without water the entire 7-mile walk and barely made the bike cut-off time. Once I finished the walk and started the marathon, my heels, left calf and rear hurt extremely bad. My ankles swelled up too. I had to alternate between running and walking and was afraid that I wouldn't make the 17-hour finish mark. The NBC cameras wouldn't leave me alone. Now I know what it feels like to be a pro on film.

    I distinctly remember that mentally I had a really tough time slowing down and walking during this championship race. I had trained my butt off (and now I had actually left some of it at Energy Lab on the asphalt!) and didn't want a weak finish. So, instead of just walking the entire 26.2, I pushed myself. But my heels were toast, my ankles hurt like hell, and for some reason my right butt felt like it was going in a different direction. I also had shooting pains in my left calf, and my knees starting hurting. However, I was going to move (however pitiful it looked) as fast as I could.

    My adrenaline was so high that I sprinted the final quarter-mile and almost fell over right on the timing mat. For the past ten years, I have finished every race with a sprint. The 'Sadowski Sprint' will be my signature until I cannot race again. And, especially for this race, I wasn't going to slack off and just jog it in.

    I felt a certain form of closure and comfort once I saw myself finishing on the big screen. The day was over and I had made it in under 17 hours. I was able to overcome the obstacle. People like Wendy Ingraham, Rob Hyland with NBC, the bike tech gurus, the medics, the racers who said, "'finish so we can buy you a beer" and the one referee who constantly checked up on me during my long walk made my ordeal so much easier. It was a humbling experience for me, but now I know that my level of pain tolerance and task concentration has intensified over the years instead of becoming dull. I can honestly say that this experience has made me a stronger racer instead of turning me away from racing.

    I was so tired after I finished the race that I didn't have the energy to stick around the finish area, or to sit down somewhere nearby and drink a beer (that means I was deathly tired). Plus, the road rash on my rear prevented me from sitting. I am recovering with no broken bones, but a lot of scrapes. I can, of course, drink beer now. It's helping.

    It was an 'official' Ironman motorcycle that rear-ended me at mile 105 of the 112 bike leg. The 'official' driver was carrying a red-shirted 'volunteer' that was observing the bike course at the time (it was his daughter). They were done for the day, but decided to continue on their own and do some spectating. Essentially, they were trespassing on the course. A bicyclist behind me said that they were traveling extremely fast. I guess they wanted to outrun the pack of cyclists behind me to make a right turn into Energy Lab to see the pros, who where running already.

    Hopefully I can do the race without incident next year. However, next time I will be attaching two spare wheels and a spare frame to my bike in case I'm as unlucky again.

    Race Report : Catching up with a few amazing athletes

    Team Epi/SOLE Shines Again
    Paul Romero, Karen Lundgren and teammates

    Just had a phenomenal race in Brazil in the nutritional context. BLAZING exposed humid heat, sweating like you can't imagine. Four days around the clock, virtually no sleep. Karen and I felt invincible... and Ted, the new E-CAPS kid on our squad. This was the most switched on we've ever been on fuel. Around the clock (as in 60 hours no sleep, and HARD navigation) and mental alertness was ON. E-Caps/Hammer is unreal.

    Eppelman is THE MAN!
    Scott Eppelman

    I want to update you on my latest accomplishment. Last weekend I competed at this event, the World 24-hour championship in Brno, Czech Republic, as a member of the American team. I finished 11th overall with a personal best 144.02 miles. I also qualified for the 2005 team, which will compete in Worschach, Austria in July. Thanks for the continued support.

    - Scott Eppelman

    Top Texan in Hawaii
    Stephan Schwarze

    After Switzerland, I decided not to race many short local races and focus purely on Kona this year. At the end of August I did one Olympic triathlon in Houston (Cinco Tri). I won the race overall by 6 minutes. That gave me confidence that the speed is still there. On to Hawaii. Conditions were very tough this year. Early on I knew times would be much slower this year. Many athletes dropped out because of dehydration or gastric problems. I stuck with my plan and during the entire race I did not have any gastric or energy problem.

    I was able to finish in place 97 overall - first time I made it into the top 100. I was also able to finish as the fastest Texas athlete again - not that it matters much, but we are talking about it down here in Austin. Once again, I was very pleased and impressed with your products.

    - Stephan Schwarze

    Hendershot Shoots Them Down
    Mark Hendershot

    The 1996 Olympic mountain bike course in Conyers, Georgia was the scene of the latest 24 Hours of Adrenalin mountain bike race. The 8.5-mile course was challenging and fun, with short steep climbs, a load of slick rock, and not a moment to rest. The weather was darn near perfect, sunny and 70 degrees, and 50 and dark at night. I led the race from start to finish, completing a course record 25 laps before high noon Sunday. Edward O'Dea and Jimmy McMillan (last year's solo winner) battled back and forth for 2nd place throughout the race, finishing with 23 and 22 laps respectively. The field of solo and team riders was 800 strong. With pit crews and spectators, more than 1000 people filled the grassy Georgia International Horse Park.

    - Mark Hendershot

    Math and Endurance News

    Not long ago we received the following letter from Jeff Henderson. We liked it so much that we thought we'd pass it along to our readers.

    Hi Steve,

    Jeff Henderson here from the Musselman Triathlon and the Triathlon Informer. I'm not sure how much feedback you get on the Endurance Newsletter you send out, but I wanted to share a story and my appreciation for the work you put into that.

    I got my newsletter two days ago in the mail, and I was reading it over dinner that night. By day I teach high school mathematics, so I'm always looking for things that the kiddies might find interesting that involves math and does NOT involve their textbook. Lo and behold, I found it in your [Dr. Bill's] front-page story about the dangers of a diet high in simple sugars.

    A month ago we had talked about correlation coefficients in class, and I came across the ending to that story that talked about ingestion of simple sugars and its stronger-than-cigarettes correlation with heart disease. I brought the article into school this morning and read it to my classes, who curiously were able to remain quiet and focused for the whole thing - this in itself is a minor miracle.

    After they stopped teasing me about reading something called the "Endurance Newsletter," they actually began discussing the findings. Back when I taught them about correlation coefficients they had absolutely no interest in the subject, instead choosing to relegate it to the pile of All Things Useless that they are forced to learn about in math class.

    Unbelievably, one of my kids suggested writing a letter to the Surgeon General asking him to require warning labels on sugar packets. He also wanted extra credit for it, but that's beside the point.

    So anyways, thanks for producing something that was not only interesting to myself, a devoted endurance junkie, but to my classes of hyperglycemic and attention-span-deficient high schoolers. That article may have affected more parts of their life today than the rest of my year teaching polynomials and other "nonsense." :)

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for being such a standout company.

    Kind regards,
    Jeff Henderson

    Race Director
    Musselman Triathlon

    EDITOR'S NOTE: The Musselman Triathlon (www.musselmantri.com) is a race that Hammer Nutrition enthusiastically sponsors.

    The E-CAPS Bookstore : Open for business
    Brian Frank

    We're not trying to compete with amazon.com, and we won't be offering dozens and dozens of titles. However, for several years now I've wanted to provide a very short list of books that I feel are classics in their field, titles that every health-conscious athlete should have in their library. Some of these books are the originals that spawned the health food and sugar awareness movement and others are simply hard to find. You won't find any trendy titles or the latest New York Times bestsellers in our bookstore.

    So, without further ado, here are the titles and brief descriptions of current offerings, available either through our new website or by calling 1.800.336.1977.

    Food Is Your Best Medicine by Henry G. Bieler, M.D., $6.99 - This is the book that started the health food revolution. Hundreds or thousands of books have been written since then on this subject, but this is the original. This book features a fascinating interpretation of how the body functions to maintain good health, and it addresses all kinds of ailments with specific nutritional approaches. An essential volume for any health library.

    Sugar Blues by William Dufty, $6.99 - Over 1.6 million copies in print. The classic #1 health bestseller that exploded the sugar myth and inspired a health revolution.

    Water: The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life by Paul C. and Patricia Bragg, $8.95 - What is the best type of water to drink? This book tells everything there is to know about water and its central role in your health and longevity.

    The Artificially Sweetened Times, 50¢-A community service publication sponsored by The Idaho Observer newspaper and produced in cooperation with Mission Possible and Vaccination Liberation. The intent of the editors is to present a balance of information regarding the synthetic food and beverage sweetener aspartame.

    Treat Your Own Back by Dr. Robin McKenzie, $10.95 - Dr. McKenzie is the grandfather of conservative (non-surgical) back care. Help yourself to a pain-free back. This easy-to-follow book presents over 80 pages of education and clinically proven exercises. The simple and effective self-help exercises in this book have helped thousands worldwide find relief from common low back and neck pain. It will help you understand the causes and treatments, along with a system of exercises that can help you relieve pain and prevent recurrence.

    Treat Your Own Neck by Dr. Robin McKenzie, $10.95 - For those of you with chronic neck pain and headaches, this is the book and exercise program for you.

    Nutrition For Endurance: Finding Another Gear by Bill Misner, Ph.D., $19.95 - This book explains, in terms we all can understand, how our muscles and bodies really work, what fuels endurance, which nutrients and minerals are essential for athletic performance, and how their depletion causes premature exhaustion. Our very own Dr. Bill tells us why, what, how, and when to use athletic supplements, nutrients, micronutrients, and fluids to find another gear-and live better, too.

    We'll be adding more titles soon, so check the bookstore in a few weeks for more great books.

    Earn FREE Product : The athlete referral program

    Tell your friends, neighbors and training partners (just not your competition) about us and you could earn a mess of free products!

    Here's how it works....you tell your friend Hank Hammer, who's never ordered from us before, about our products. Hank Hammer places his very first order and mentions either your first and last name or your client number. Hank Hammer gets 15% off his first order and you get 25% of his order credited to your account (i.e. Hank Hammer spends $100 and you get $25 credited to your account). You can then use that $25 just like real cash...purchasing whatever you want from our product and clothing lines.

    So, without a lot of work you can earn free product from E-CAPS/Hammer Nutrition. You'd better get going!

    For more information and all the details, give us a call at 1.800.336.1977.

    The Details :

    • Referral credit can be used just like cash for the purchase of any products, accessories and/or apparel.

    • We keep track of your referral credit for you. Want an update? Just ask.

    • Whenever you place an order, you can apply it to that order or save it for future use.

    • If you order online, just put in a note asking that we apply any available credit to that order.

    • There is no expiration date for your referral credit.

    • And much more!