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Victory for Team Hammer Nutrition at 24 Hours Round the Clock!

Posted by Vince Arnone on 06/07/2010 in Events,News | No Comments »

The Hammer Nutrition 24 Hour Team

The Race

Held annually at Riverside Park in Spokane, Wash., over Memorial Day weekend, the 24 Hours Round the Clock mountain bike race is, simply put, an epic and amazing event that incorporates hard-core racing with a fun festival-like atmosphere. Beginning at noon on Saturday and finishing at noon on Sunday, riders competing in various divisions—mainly solo, two-person teams, and four-person teams—vie to complete the most laps (each lap is approximately 15 miles in length) of a point-to-point circuit within the 24-hour period.

The Team

Team Hammer Nutrition’s riders include staff members Matt Butterfield, Phil Grove, Jason Keister, and Dustin Phillips and their job was to ride. The team’s support crew was Hammer Nutrition owner Brian Frank, his son Miles, and me, Steve Born. Our job was to do everything possible to take care of the riders so all they had to do was efficiently navigating the course, which they did in exceptional fashion. Taking the lead from the start, and relying heavily on Hammer Nutrition fuels and supplements, Dustin, Matt, Jason, and Phil (the team’s riding rotation for the majority of the race) performed phenomenally well hour after hour after hour, resulting in a hard-fought and well-earned victory.

Hammer Nutrition Camper Rest Area

It wasn’t an easy win however. After finishing second last year during their first attempt, the team and crew were better prepared physically and logistically this year, and were eager to “produce the goods” necessary to earn the victory. The win was highlighted by the fact that this year’s 24 Hours Round the Clock appeared to have the strongest collection of four-person teams in its history. When it was all said and done, Team Hammer Nutrition overcame every foreseen and unforeseen obstacle and claimed a much-deserved and oh-so-sweet victory.


The riders used HEED, Hammer Gel, and Endurolytes to fuel themselves prior to and during their laps, and used Recoverite and the occasional Hammer Bar during their nearly three-hour recovery period between laps. Everyone used Globus units after the completion of every lap. As far as supplements were concerned, the team relied on Race Caps Supreme, Mito Caps, Anti-Fatigue Caps, Endurance Amino, AO Booster, Super Antioxidant, and Energy Surge. Jason also took Race Day Boost capsules during the race, and some of the guys used Tissue Rejuvenator on occasion.

Thanks to the Organizers

The 24 Hours Round the Clock is the cornerstone race of our good friends Gino Lisecki and Wendy Zupan at Round and Round Productions. We’ve been honored to sponsor such an amazing event since it’s inception and we look forward to supporting it for years to come. We’re absolutely psyched to have won this year’s edition! Gino, Wendy, and their staff/volunteers did an amazing job organizing a top-notch race. If you’re into mountain bike racing I highly recommend you consider this race.

Full results are available in .PDF Format here.

Team Hammer Nutrition 24 Hour Round & Round Champs

What’s Next?

To say this was a satisfying win is an understatement; we’ll be talking about this win for a long time. Still, we know there is always room for improvement, which is clearly at the forefront of our thoughts as the team prepares for the next big race – The 24 Hours of Adrenalin race July 24th at the Canmore Nordic Centre in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. We can’t wait!

More photos of Team Hammer Nutrition at 24 Hours Round the Clock can be found on our photos page.

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