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Supplement Suggestions for Pregnancy or Lactation

Posted by Vince Arnone on 06/30/2010 in Nutrients for Health,Products | 1 Comment »

Hammer Products During PregnancyAuthors: Bill Misner, Ph.D. & Steve Born

One of the questions we frequently field is “Which Hammer Nutrition products are safe to use during pregnancy or lactation?” Before we address that question, we must first stress that all dietary supplements are required to first be confirmed “safe” by one’s physician. It is necessary for us to state this because dietary supplements taken during pregnancy and/or lactation are typically not evaluated. (Note: This is why the list below is incomplete; the maximum safe dose for many nutrients and most herbal supplements for pregnant or nursing women is largely not scientifically determined).

Additionally, the physician is privy to the female patient’s medical history to which we have no access. Therefore, the rule for supplement use during pregnancy & lactation is: “When in doubt, don’t.”

With that in mind, the following substances should not be consumed during pregnancy: yohimbine, acetyll- carnitine, vinpocetine, melatonin, alfalfa, andrographis, excess caffeine, angelica, barberry, bearberry, blue cohosh, bugleweed, chaste berry, coltsfoot, goldenseal, juniper, ephedra, passion flower, pennyroyal, saint john’s wort, yohimbe, schizandra, and indole-3- carbinol.

Here are the Hammer Nutrition supplements that contain any of the above-listed substances or other nutrients that are not recommended for consumption during pregnancy or lactation. We recommend avoiding the use of these products during pregnancy or while breastfeeding:

  • Mito Caps – The Acetyl-l-carnitine (ALC) component in Mito Caps should be avoided, not because of any known toxicity, but because of the fact that the effect of ALC on women during pregnancy has not been scientifically investigated at this time.
  • Race Caps Supreme – Idebenone is one of the components in this product, and although numerous studies have shown this nutrient to be remarkably safe (its LD50 in both sexes of mice is 10,000mg/ kg), no research has been done on idebenone when taken during pregnancy or lactation.
  • REM Caps – Contains the hormone melatonin.
  • Super Antioxidant – Contains vinpocetine. Vinpocetine use during pregnancy or lactation should be avoided due to lack of clinical studies.
  • PSA Caps – This is, of course, a malespecific product, which contains nettles and saw palmetto extract. Because of possible hormonal activity, nettles and saw palmetto extract from any supplements are not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Other substances to avoid

  • Toxic substances to be avoided during pregnancy are alcohol (ethanol), aspirin, marijuana, tobacco, fluoride, mercury, and trans-fatty acids.
  • During pregnancy, excess linoleic acid (dietary omega-6 oils such as safflower oil, maize oil, and sunflower seed oil) may impede the growth of the fetus due to interfering with omega-3 fatty acids absorption.
  • Retinol (vitamin A) in amount above 5000 IU should not be taken. However, 12,500-25000 IU of beta carotene is fine because the body splits what it needs out of beta carotene selectively, discards what it does not need, and avoids toxicity hypervitaminosis.

Our supplement suggestions

  • Carlson Norwegian Salmon Oil – 2- 3 capsules per day is suggested, primarily for the DHA component, which will help contribute to babies’ brain development. Note that the Carlson Norwegian Salmon Oil product that Hammer Nutrition sells is not a Cod Liver Oil product and contains no vitamin A.


Again, before taking or continuing to take any supplements, please consult with your physician. The reason we always recommend you check with your health care professional prior to starting a supplement program (and especially if you’re pregnant, lactating, have any medical condition, or are on any medications) is simply because it is the responsible thing for any company to do. We always want to err on the cautious/ conservative side, which is why we defer to your doctor for final approval.

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  • I read that glutamine can be questionable during nursing (so I assume during pregnancy). I was avoiding Recoverite based on this. Is Recoverite safe for pregnancy/nursing? Thanks.

    Posted by Erin | March 21, 2012 at 7:47 pm

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