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Ryan Sandes and Joe Bacal, Taking the Desert by Storm in Their own Way

Posted by pgrove on 11/24/2010 in News | 1 Comment »

Ryan Sandes Crosses the Sahara

One is an ultra-runner, the other an off road truck driver, the two sports couldn’t have less in common. As different as their endeavors may be, Ryan Sandes and Joe Bacal share much more than just their nutrition sponsor. They both have had near perfect seasons, capped with huge victories this week for each.

Here at Hammer Headquarters, we’ve been mentioning these two athletes throughout the year as they seem to win races wherever they go. Ryan has a newfound talent for ultra-running. He took up the sport a couple years ago after growing tired of his office job and hasn’t looked back. He basically started winning nearly every ultra-endurance running race he could find. The pinnacle of this twisted sport is the four desert run series. This is a year-long, global series consisting of races across the Atacama, Sahara, Gobi and the last desert, Antarctica! Few people on the planet are physically and mentally strong enough to compete at these events, let alone win. But that is precisely what Ryan has done this season-a perfect record across the four least hospitable deserts on the planet!

Running long distances across vast deserts is no easy task, and Ryan calls upon Hammer to keep him racing at his best. Ryan fuels with Perpetuem, HEED, Endurolytes and Hammer Gel during his races, and optimizes his recovery with Recoverite. He knows that with what he asks of his body, he needs to be a little concerned about what he puts back in. We are very happy to help Ryan out with his very ambitious schedule, and although it’s starting to become a pattern, we all are still amazed each time he wins another epic race.

On the other side of the endurance spectrum, Joe Bacal just capped off an amazing season of off road racing at the Baja 1000 this past weekend. He won his category , fueling (himself, not the truck) with Hammer over 43 continuous hours of technical off road driving. Some would argue that the sport is not as physically demanding as running, but it has it’s own unique challenges for sure. Around every corner is some sort of obstacle that attempts to end the racer’s day. Joe races with Perpetuem to ensure a steady, reliable fuel source from start to finish. In this case, upwards of two days!

We’re very happy to be a affiliated with both of these awesome athletes. The office fan club keeps growing with every “W’ they bring home. For more info on Ryan and Joe, check out the following sites:

http://www.ryansandes.com/run/ http://www.jtgrey.com/jtgreyrace.html

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One Response to “Ryan Sandes and Joe Bacal, Taking the Desert by Storm in Their own Way”

  • Crazy and admirable at the same time. I love these stories about folks who just give up their day job and go do what they love. I think that’s fantastic. They few times I’ve left jobs have been very good for me. Every time I’ve left the lame dangling carrot motivational technique of an employer I was promoted up 1 and sometimes 2 levels into another employer’s organization. Somehow this make me feel related to Ryan. Or maybe it’s what he’s doing is just amazing. Most people wouldn’t even be able to survive in those enviroments, let alone run across them! How far are his runs? What exactly is in your products that helps him perform such fantastic feats?

    Posted by Terry, VP Nutrition Facts | December 14, 2010 at 10:15 pm

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