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REM Caps, At Home in the Peloton

Posted by pgrove on 01/14/2011 in Athlete Updates,Fueling Advice,Hot Tips,Products | No Comments »

A guest blog post by Phil Elsasser of the Hagens Berman Elite Team Fueled by Hammer Nutrition.

While I have used several of Hammer’s products such as Heed and Sustained Energy in the past, this year I have had the great opportunity to explore some of their supplements through Hammer’s support of the Hagens Berman Cycling Team. One product that impressed me greatly was Hammer’s REM Caps. Being an endurance athlete means that generally by the time my head hits the pillow at the end of the day I am out like a light. As a result, I have never really thought about using a sleep aid. This year definitely changed that.

Our calendar was filled with some of the top races in the country. We got the opportunity to travel across the U.S. attending many National Racing Calendar events. These races do a wonderful job of showcasing cycling as entertainment, which often means racing late into the evening with finishes in the twilight or under street lights. While it certainly makes for a great spectacle as 150 cyclists tear around a dimly lit criterium course elbow to elbow, it certainly doesn’t make winding down to go to sleep at a decent hour very feasible. Luckily, some of my teammates shared a bit of wisdom with me in the form of Hammer’s REM Caps.

I have to admit, I had pretty low expectations in regard to what the morning after taking REM Caps would feel like. I am glad I gave them a chance and definitely proved myself wrong! Not only do REM caps do a great job of helping me to mellow out after racing and get to bed at a reasonable hour, I wake up feeling rested without drowsiness. I have used them to deal with jet lag, late race nights, and even when I know that getting a full night’s rest will make all the difference. Hammer REM Caps maybe just what you need to get that extra rest and recovery that is slowing you down and take your racing to the next level.

Thanks for sharing Phil! Sleep can be very easy to forget when at a stage race in a fun new town, but a highly important part of recovery nonetheless. REM caps are a great way to wind down and get some much need rest in between stages and wake up feeling ready to go!

Check out our all natural sleep enhancer, REM Caps.

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