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Post-Workout Refueling – A Necessity, Not an Option

Recoverite for all your post workout, recovery needs

Author: Steve Born

Athletes tend to focus on training and neglect recovery, specifically the critical step of refueling as soon as possible after each workout. We tend to think that a hard workout deserves a nice reward. Do you usually first go for a shower or relaxation after a hard workout? Are beer and pretzels your favored post–workout snack? If so, remember that a hard workout has left your body in a state of utter depletion and physiological vulnerability. However, it’s also in a state of prime receptivity, ready to absorb nutrients. Taking those few extra minutes to properly refuel is one of the most important things that you can do to improve your race day results. In fact, properly refueling your body immediately after your training session is as important as anything you did in the actual workout. When you give your body what it needs as soon as possible after exercise, it will respond wonderfully in the following ways:

  • Your body will be able to store more and more of a premium, ready–to–use fuel known as muscle glycogen.
  • You will strengthen, not weaken, your immune system.
  • You will “kick start” the rebuilding of muscle tissue.

You can really give yourself a major advantage come race day if you’ll take the time to put some quality fuel into your body as soon as possible after all of your workouts.

Recoverite is the easy way to take care of serious recovery needs for serious endurance athletes, providing the high quality complex carbohydrates and whey protein isolate your body needs. Additionally, Recoverite supplies a generous amount of the multi-beneficial amino acid glutamine. Recoverite also supplies two other recovery–enhancing nutrients—ChromeMate™ brand chromium polynicotinate and l–carnosine—and a full–spectrum electrolyte profile. It’s the ideal post–workout fuel!

For more information on the importance of recovery, please refer to the article Recovery – A Crucial Component for Athletic Success.

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  • Thanks for the tip! So often I forget about the recover piece!

    Posted by Ingrid | August 24, 2010 at 3:09 pm

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