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Mark Jolin – Fueling with Hammer at the Trans Korea 308k

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Mark Jolin finishing the 308K Trans-Korea

By Mark Jolin, U.S. Army, Korea

On September 11th, I was fortunate enough to become the first foreigner to ever complete the 308K Trans-Korea. Your products were a huge reason behind my success. I was having a great race and alternating between HEED, Sustained Energy, Perpetuem, and all kinds of Hammer Gel. I really trained hard for this event and, as a result, was having a great race. For the entire race, I was alternating between 4th and 8th place with a field of 119 runners. Continue Reading »

Synthetic versus Natural – Is there a difference?

Hammer athlete using Premium Insurance Caps

Author: Steve Born

A question that we’re frequently asked about Premium Insurance Caps is whether or not it contains “natural” ingredients. Of course, all of the “super food” ingredients in the product are natural, but what about the vitamins? Are they naturally derived? Is natural even necessary? Here are the answers to those questions. Continue Reading »

Boost Your Hammer Referrals with Custom Referral Links

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Referral Promotion Code Coupon

Here at Hammer Nutrition we offer an affiliate program to all of our customers. The program works as follows:

  • A new customer enters a friend’s client number during checkout as a referral promotion code. Only first-time orders qualify for the referral discount.
  • The new customer receives a 15% discount through the promotion.
  • The referring client receives 25% of the new customer’s subtotal credited to their account.

One of the easiest ways to promote your client number as a 15% off referral coupon is to build your own referral link. When someone visits our site via your referral link, your client number is automatically entered at checkout during that visitor session.

To build your own referral link, follow these simple steps:

  • Replace xxxxx with your client number in the following template: http://www.hammernutrition.com/affiliates/xxxxx
  • Share this link with your friends through your website, email, Facebook, etc.

For more information on the referral program and to send your friends referral offers via email, please visit our referral page.

Breck Epic 2010

Ben Parsons & Clint Muhlfield at the Breck Epic 2010

Ben Parsons & Clint Muhlfield at the Breck Epic 2010

Author: Ben Parsons – Team Hammer Nutrition/Sportsman Ski Haus

The Breck Epic consisted of 251 miles, 42,000’ of climbing over six days, and the majority of it was trail. Trail that often made you howl with joy, and trail that sometimes left you feeling like a bag of bones hurled off the face of the Eiger. Adding to the challenge, Breckenridge sits at 9500’, so we routinely raced between 10,000’ and 12,000’ so oxygen was an asset as rare and valuable as beer in the desert. As a last minute decision, we decided to race the Open Men’s Duo instead of solo, hearing there was a super stacked field and wanting to take a shot at a podium. We were also intrigued at the challenge of completing over twenty hours of racing with a teammate. Continue Reading »

Take a “less is best” approach to caloric intake during exercise

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Practice of proper Hammer Nutrition fueling
Your workout or race can go down the drain fast if you follow the “calories out, calories in” protocol that many “experts” recommend. Athletes who attempt to replace all the calories they lose will end up with bloating, nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea . . . definitely unpleasant and performance-inhibiting scenarios.

If you want to achieve your best performance, replenish calories in “body cooperative” amounts, allowing your fat stores to make up the difference, which they will easily do. While 240-280 calorie per hour is a theoretical hourly maximum based on the liver converting 1 gram of carbohydrates (4 calories) per minute into glycogen, almost all athletes report success with far lower hourly caloric intake. Continue Reading »

Athlete Update: Ursula Grobler

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Hammer Nutrition is proud to sponsor world-class rower Ursula Grobler who holds a world record and has an excellent opportunity to win an Olympic gold medal in 2012. We caught up with Ursula recently, just one month of training away from competing in the Senior World Championship Trials, as she pursues a dream that reaches all the way to Olympic Gold. Continue Reading »

Tips for a Successful Half or Full Iron Distance Triathlon

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Marni Sumbal races in Coliseum Rock 'N RollMan Half

Author: Steve Born


  • Avoid the temptation to train too much and/or too close to race day! – You will not be able to positively influence your fitness level in the days leading up to the race; however, you can negatively impact your race by training during that time (training meaning anything of significant duration or intensity). As well-known coach Jeff Cuddeback (pictured right) states, “The week of any event of this duration should be all about resting up and topping off your energy stores. Training is done to keep the engine lubed and tuned up, nothing more. If you think you’re going to further your fitness through training the week of your key race, you’re sadly mistaken. If you are the type to train right up to the event, you will almost certainly under perform.”
    Continue Reading »

Post-Workout Refueling – A Necessity, Not an Option

Recoverite for all your post workout, recovery needs

Author: Steve Born

Athletes tend to focus on training and neglect recovery, specifically the critical step of refueling as soon as possible after each workout. We tend to think that a hard workout deserves a nice reward. Do you usually first go for a shower or relaxation after a hard workout? Are beer and pretzels your favored post–workout snack? If so, remember that a hard workout has left your body in a state of utter depletion and physiological vulnerability. However, it’s also in a state of prime receptivity, ready to absorb nutrients. Taking those few extra minutes to properly refuel is one of the most important things that you can do to improve your race day results. In fact, properly refueling your body immediately after your training session is as important as anything you did in the actual workout. When you give your body what it needs as soon as possible after exercise, it will respond wonderfully in the following ways: Continue Reading »

Periodization Principles for EMS – Keeping It Fresh, Keeping It Going

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Periodization Principles for EMS

Stevie Cullinan, of the Hammer sponsored Team Waste Management, races during the Redlands Classic. Photo - Brian Smith

Author: Jim Bruskewitz

Gains in strength, power and endurance are adaptations to stress (training). If the stress remains constant, there is no need for further adaptation and improvements are followed by a performance plateau and eventually an involution or decline in performance. Continue Reading »

The “Gray Area” of Fueling

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Hammer staffer, Phil Grove, fueling right with HEED

Author: Steve Born

When exercise goes beyond two hours, we generally recommend that athletes use a “carb + protein” fuel (Sustained Energy or Perpetuem), either as their sole fuel from beginning to end, or as their primary fuel (roughly 2/3 – 3/4 of the time). The reason for this recommendation is that once you hit that second hour and beyond, a small percentage (roughly 5–15%) of their energy requirements will be fulfilled from protein. If you don’t provide some in the fuel mix, at least part of the time, your body has to cannibalize the lean muscle tissue to obtain the amino acids it needs to fulfill that small percentage of its energy requirements. Continue Reading »