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Hot Tip: Hot-Weather Training/Racing Recovery Tips

Posted by Vince Arnone on 05/08/2010 in Hot Tips | No Comments »

Hot Weather Training Racing and Recovery TipsAs an ultra endurance rider, I usually have a low-grade fever after many events and some of my longer training rides which I have been told is due to several factors:

* Some dehydration
* An immune system that is not up to 100%
* Hours of pushing my body above its normal core temperature

I rarely race in the evening but I know that it takes me an hour or two for my body to cool down fully in the mornings after a ride. I have found that a cool shower and re-hydration with cold fluids helps considerably. After really hot training rides or races, a cold bath or dunk in the ocean or pool also helps. But the best thing is to keep yourself cool if at all possible during your workout. Douse your head with a water bottle. Make a neckerchief up with ice when it’s really hot. I did a 24-hour Mountain Bike race two years ago where daytime temperatures were about 105 and evening temperatures in the low 90s. The ice trick kept me cool enough to help me win my class when the others were cramping up and dropping out due to heat exhaustion.

My usual post-workout routine is to immediately consume Recoverite that is well iced. I will sip cold water and apply cold compresses to help bring down my body temperature. If the fever goes above 100F, I will watch it closely and see my doctor to make sure I have not picked up any infection or viruses.

Thanks to Hammer Nutrition client Randy Profeta for these tips.

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