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Hot Tip: Concentrated Fuel Mixing Suggestions

Posted by Vince Arnone on 04/03/2010 in Hot Tips | No Comments »

Concentrated Fuel Mixing SuggestionsDavid Godfrey mixes fuels for Land Rover-Orbea Cycling Team during the Nature Valley Grand Prix in Minnesota.

I’ve found that mixing four scoops of Perpetuem into a flask gives a good consistency, and lasts me right around 2 hours. Any more Perpetuem and I find the paste too thick to squeeze out easily. I fill my Hammer flasks to just below line 2 with water, dump that into a large measuring cup, stir in the Perpetuem, and pour it into the flask.

Last weekend I ran out of Perpetuem, so I tried something new: 3 scoops of Sustained Energy and 1 scoop of Lemon-Lime HEED. It tasted great, and was a nice change of pace from the Perpetuem only.

Thanks to Hammer client Tony McCray for this tip

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