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Help Prevent “The Afternoon Fade”

Posted by Steve Born on 04/21/2010 in Nutrients for Health | No Comments »

Steve Experiences the Afternoon Fade

If you’re struggling with mid-to-late afternoon fatigue and drowsiness (the dreaded “afternoon fade”), you’re not alone; it happens to an awful lot of people! The morning may go smoothly but then, shortly after lunch, feelings of drowsiness, lethargy, and fatigue take over, making it difficult to get through the rest of your day.
If this describes what you go through, be it occasionally or regularly, here are some supplement suggestions that have helped a lot of people:

1) Take a capsule of Chromemate with lunch. This will help stabilize blood sugar levels, which will help prevent-to-eliminate that afternoon fade.

2) Although it wasn’t designed specifically for this purpose, many people (including some Hammer Nutrition staff members) take 1-2 Anti-Fatigue Caps in the early afternoon. This helps provide a bit of an energy boost but without the Central Nervous System (CNS)-stimulating effects of caffeine. One of the primary nutrients in the product, potassium/magnesium aspartate, is oftentimes suggested for those having to deal with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which is the rationale for taking this product for a non-stimulating “pick me up.”

3) Among their many benefits, Xobaline’s vitamin B12/folic acid combination is well known for helping stave off fatigue. A single tablet dissolved under the tongue provides an excellent dose of both of these important B vitamins

4) One capsule of Super Antioxidant may be very helpful, primarily for the Ginkgo biloba and vinpocetine components, both of which are believed to have cognitive/alertness-enhancing benefits, but without any CNS-stimulation.

Give one or more of these a try and see how much better you feel!

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