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Hammer Nutrition’s Endurolytes Fizz – A refreshing way to replenish electrolytes

Posted by cvanloan on 10/22/2010 in News,Products | 2 Comments »
Endurolytes FIZZ

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Of all of the products that we’ve introduced in the past few years, I don’t think any have gotten us as excited as Endurolytes Fizz and Perpetuem Solids. We know, without a doubt, that you will absolutely love Endurolytes Fizz for a number of reasons, including that:

  • It works as you’d expect a product called Endurolytes Fizz should.
  • Each flavor (with more on the way) tastes absolutely delicious.
  • It contains no added simple sugars or artificial sweeteners.
  • It costs you less to use than other similar products.

For every Hammer Nutrition product, going from “concept” to “finished product” was a long, arduous, and painstaking process. Endurolytes Fizz was no exception; in fact, this product may have taken the longest of them all. The reason is because this isn’t a “knock-off” product, not by a long shot. Yes, we looked at the other effervescent electrolyte products on the market, no question about that. However, we knew we could “build a better mousetrap” and provide you with a product that is of superior quality, effectiveness, and affordability. Accomplishing that takes time, a lot of time, but the end result—as it is with all Hammer Nutrition products—makes every minute spent worth it.

A couple of the primary hurdles that we had to overcome was to make a product that was stable (i.e., maintaining the quality of the mineral content as well as the tablet itself) and had quick-dissolving capabilities, but without having to resort to the use of manufacturing lubricants such as polyethylene glycol and sodium benzoate. We did just that, and trust me, dozens upon dozens of prototypes were tested before we ended up with product that satisfied our stringent requirements for both stability and quick and complete dissolution of the tablets.

Another challenge to conquer was taste. As is the case with every Hammer Nutrition fuel, we wanted Endurolytes Fizz to taste good . . . not just “OK, this will probably be acceptable for a little while,” but rather, “Hey, this tastes really good; I can use this all day long and not get tired of it.” That was not an easy task with Endurolytes Fizz (ditto for HEED when we first introduced it), simply because we were dealing with some minerals that naturally have a not-so-pleasant taste. Other companies? They rely on simple sugars and/or artificial sweeteners to get past the taste of the minerals. We, on the other hand, use natural flavors and the healthy sweetener, stevia, to make Endurolytes Fizz taste so refreshing and delicious. And each of the flavors really do taste good. We know because we tried dozens upon dozens of prototypes!

Available soon in three subtle and palate-pleasing flavors—Lemon-Lime, Grapefruit, and Mango—an Endurolytes Fizz tablet is equivalent to approximately two Endurolytes capsules, with each tablet scribed across the middle. This allows you to easily break the capsule in half in the event that you want a half-tablet dose, which would be equal to approximately one Endurolytes capsule. For example, if you want the equivalent of approximately three Endurolytes capsules, simply add 1.5 rapidly dissolving Endurolytes Fizz tablets into your water or fuel bottle(s).

Endurolytes Fizz is economical as well, with 13 effervescent tablets in each tube—not 10 to 12, like some of the others—at a cost of $6.50 per tube, or 50 cents per tablet. One of the reasons why Endurolytes Fizz costs less is that, unlike other effervescent electrolyte products, it doesn’t contain inconsequential amounts of vitamins or other nutrients, which only serve to increase the price. Instead, you get the full-spectrum electrolytic mineral support that you need, along with adequate amounts of auxiliary nutrients, just like you do with Endurolytes capsules or powder, but without the hefty price tag. Compare Endurolytes Fizz to the competition and you’ll see that you’re saving a lot of money!

Superior full-spectrum electrolyte support, no inadequate amounts of insignificant nutrients, great taste, no refined sugars or artificial flavors, and the convenience of rapidly dissolving effervescent tablets, all at a price that NOBODY can match! That’s what you get with Endurolytes Fizz. All of us here at Hammer Nutrition have used the product thoroughly prior to its introduction, and to say we are psyched about it is a huge understatement. This is simply an awesome product that we are sure you’re going to love—we guarantee it, in fact.

Update: Endurolytes Fizz are now available! Click here to visit the Endurolytes Fizz product page.

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2 Responses to “Hammer Nutrition’s Endurolytes Fizz – A refreshing way to replenish electrolytes”

  • Sounds great. Will “Fizz” be available in the UK store this week too?

    Posted by Steve Trice | October 24, 2010 at 1:01 am
  • Hi Steve,
    You should start seeing Endurolytes Fizz in the UK in another month or two.
    Thanks for your interest!

    Posted by Tiffany Nitschke | October 25, 2010 at 10:02 am

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