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Fit E-stim Into Your Training

Posted by Vince Arnone on 07/19/2010 in Electrostimulation | No Comments »

Fit Estim into Your TrainingAuthor: Jim Bruskewitz

Electrical muscle stimulation mimics other activities that we do, but it is accomplished with a twist. Rather than packing up your gear and heading out somewhere, you can do a better job of building strength and pinpointing the right kind of muscle endurance work to deliver the adaptations you’re looking for in your home, office or anywhere you choose with E-stim. Globus E-stim can be controlled to get just the right amount of muscular contraction to speed your recovery from tens of hours to minutes of activity. Although it is not meant to be a substitute for the sports you love to do, it can enhance your performance when doing your cherished activities.

A question I am asked frequently is how to fit the various programmed Globus E-stim sessions into a normal training week. When close to competitions we eagerly look for additional pieces of the fitness puzzle that will make achieving our goals even more likely. No doubt another helping of strength and endurance in the last six weeks before a big event would be a welcome addition to our fitness. Presumably we are spending as much time and effort performing our chosen discipline to develop fitness. Supplemental training is difficult to add in the final stages if we plan to recover from our efforts.

Currently we find ourselves in a position to add pieces to the fitness puzzle without jeopardizing an upcoming event. This is the time to work on general adaptations that will improve our performance this upcoming season. Once we become accustomed to building strength and then endurance off the bike or trails with E-stim, we can incorporate these valuable training tools into a typical training week that allows for proper recovery.

We benefit from recovery after every training session we do. The Globus E-stim active recovery program is easy to fit into any training plan. Also, the massage and stretch/relax programs can be inserted daily in a typical training week. These programs are not adding to the training stimulus but rather are helping you get ready for your next training session more quickly.

Globus E-stim units have a great many programs that will add to the weekly training stimulus. Like any training session, the stimulus is most advantageously administered when your capacity to absorb a training load is high. The stimulus needs to fit with the collection of workouts you do in a week’s time. Golbus E-stim programs allow you to adjust the training load and they can pack a wallop if that’s what you choose. Just as you shouldn’t go to the track every day and run a bunch of very hard quarter miles, you shouldn’t challenge yourself with a strength or endurance Globus E-stim program daily and expect to have the capacity to absorb other training sessions that week.

Since it will take a couple of weeks to adjust to the new training stimulus delivered with a Globus E-stim, now is a great time to take a couple of weeks, get over that adaptation hump, and add E-stim to the training tools you regularly use to enhance your fitness.

I’ve charted out a model training week for three different types of athletes. Although the weekly schedule will likely not look exactly like the week you’ve crafted for yourself, look at the relationship between the kinds of workouts performed and when you could integrate various E-stim programs. Some of the E-stim work aids your recovery from training while some adds to the training load for the week. (Table on facing page)

I’ve listed strength 1 as the strength program to try at this time of year. After three weeks of using this program, it makes good sense to progress the load and step up to strength 2 for another three weeks. Following this type of progression one could move through the endurance programs progressively.

Keep in mind that you should look for gradual gains with a Globus E-stim unit just as you should with your bike, skis or a knee board. The stimulation should be comfortable and periods of soreness following E-stim work indicates that you should reduce the training load during the initial adaptation phase by turning down the level of stimulation. Select intense sport-specific programs following aerobic easy exercise 2-3 days prior to or after intense exercise.

E-stim is a very efficient and effective way of building specific fitness adaptations. Take the luxury of using E-stim during the “off-season” and enjoy a season of great performances.

Possible Training Week Examples

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Jim is a multiple-time World and National Age Group Triathlon champion, a coach (www.enduranceperformance.com), and former lecturer at UW-Madison-Department of Kinesiology. He recently left teaching at UW to study and teach EMS training.

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