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David Steele Aims for the Alpine

November 8, 2013

Paint The Town White: David Steele Season Edit from Jahrig Media on Vimeo.

Who knows how long I’ll paint houses to pay my student loans. How many more trips to new skylines will fit on the odometer. What the changing climate will do to the snow that starts high, fills in the runs from the summit down. And just like the nonsense that will always be there, the freedom and identity found on pair of skis remains steadfast. From Denali to Nelson to the hill I grew up skiing in Montana, there’s certainty. Buzz in the parking lot. Stoke on the skin track. Joy as I’ve ever known it, free as every flake that falls.

Don’t let David Steele’s beard, park tricks and aerial acrobatics fool you. While a prolific park skier (a lot of his recent ski expedition to Denali was paid for by winning rail jams) in recent years David has shifted his focus away from riding lifts to earning his lines by ski touring and mountaineering. A glutton for physically demanding challenges and Type 2 Fun Glacier National Park serves as a perfect playground for David to explore and test his physical limits.

While the physical demands of an alpanist are different than the typical Hammer endurance athlete proper nutrition is no less important. Prolonged exposure to the elements and the need to perform at your peak in a hostile environment with small margins for error means your fueling and rations have to be dialed in. There are no aid stations or medics in the alpine, so carefully planning before a trip and close monitoring of your rations and caloric intake throughout a climb are crucial for success. 

We’ve  found Hammer products shoved into the far reaches of his freezer as he experiments to see what products works best in sub zero temperatures (Perpetuem Solids hold up in a range of conditions, and fruit flavored Hammer Gels tend to hold their viscosity better than other flavors). Fizz and glacier water are a staple in the backcountry, and Premium Insurance Caps are valuable on longer expeditions where well rounded diet is difficult to maintain.

David has some big plans and big mountains on his agenda this winter and we’re excited to see what he’ll be able to accomplish.

To follow David’s trips and adventures this winter follow his blog “Skinning With Bear Spray” or follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

Special thanks to Bobby Jehrig for the great edit.

Zandy Mangold visits Diana Nyad’s 48 hour “Swim for Relief”

October 17, 2013

035H1924_ZM (3)

This past September Diana Nyad finally accomplished a goal that has taken her 5 attempts over 35 years achieve; to swim the 110 miles between Cuba and Florida. Hammer Nutrition has been supporting Diana Nyad and her trainer Bonnie Stoll with our products for her last three attempts (notably Sustained Energy, Endurolyte Powder, Hammer Gels and our whey protein). After her momentous feat Diana turned her focus to a 48 hour swim in downtown New York to raise funds for AmeriCares efforts to support Hurricane Sandy victims. Hammer athlete and photographer Zandy Mangold was able to attend the event and let us know about his experience.

From Zandy Mangold:

Diana Nyad was 24 hours into her 48 hour swim by the time I arrived at the temporary, two lane pool floating above Herald Square in New York City. It was one of the first chill days of fall and my first thought was how could Diana’s body deal with the extended exposure to the cold temperature, let alone stay awake and active for the time period.

035H1895_ZM (3)

Spectators cheer on Diana in downtown New York City as she swims with an Air Force service member. Photo: Zandy Mangold

I briefly met with members of her dedicated and determined crew who seemed as tough and as motivated by the woman they were supporting. Bonnie Stoll, Diana’s trainer, was in charge of the crew and dealt a combination of tenderness and tough love to Diana depending what the situation called for. I was inspired to see two people working purely as one unit, focused on an epic goal.


Diana’s diligent crew on deck, pictured at night. Photo: Zandy Mangold

4M8W0720_ZM (2)

Photo: Zandy Mangold

The athlete was fueled by the crew – literally, as Bonnie spoon fed Diana reaching from the deck to her open mouth like a mother bird to it’s chicks – and the crew drew energy from Diana’s efforts.


One of Bonnie’s go to fuels for Diana to settle her stomach includes a special blend of Hammer’s Sustained Energy, whey protein, Endurolyte Powder. Photo: Zandy Mangold


Bonnie checking in on Diana. Photo: Zandy Mangold

The mood was intense and then, suddenly, Richard Simmons voice shot across the pool through the sound system. Decked out in a robe, speedos and flowered swim cap, Richard, had shown up to swim a lap with Diana.

4M8W0679_ZM (2)

Richard Simmons making his grand entrance. Looks like Diana’s crew was caught off guard. Photo: Zandy Mangold

Then the two fitness moguls shared a rather emotional lap, reminiscing, and talking about the importance of raising funds and fitness in general. The mutual affection was clear and touching for all to see.

035H2009_ZM (3)

Photo: Zandy Mangold

4M8W0697_ZM (2)

Diana, Richard and triathlete Laurel Wassner sharing a laugh. Photo: Zandy Mangold

I returned after dark to find Diana and the crew pushing harder than ever to get through the night and the cold. It is hard to describe the powerful emotions I felt not as a fellow endurance athlete being able to relate to her struggle, but also as a survivor of Hurricane Sandy. Witnessing Diana’s efforts for a good cause has left me with inspiration in spades.

035H2248_ZM (2)

Photo: Zandy Mangold


Diana swimming below the Empire State Building

To learn more about Diana’s “Swim for Relief” and to donate please visit their website. You can also learn more about Diana over on her website or you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Zandy Mangold is a Hammer Nutrition sponsored ultra runner and photographer based in New York City. To see some of his work you can visit his website or follow him on Twitter.


Zandy Mangold

Marian University Cycling: The 2012- 2013 Overall Team Omnium Champions

August 7, 2013

By Coach Nate Keck

Photo: Dean Warren Photography

Marian University is one of the top ranked collegiate cycling teams in the country, and to maintain that ranking, the rest of the coaching staff and I do our best to be sure that each athlete, regardless of their level of experience, has access to high-quality training, adequate rest and recovery, top-notch equipment, and the best fuels and supplements we can get our hands on. In the spring of 2013 we teamed up with Hammer Nutrition as sponsor in preparation for Nationals to help make proper fueling and recovery a reality.

The collegiate cycling season starts in August and culminates in early May, with five seasons and national championships in between: track, mountain bike, cyclocross, BMX, and road. With a team of 40 athletes, some racing three, four, or even all disciplines, there is always some activity on the team’s schedule. Teams compete for individual podiums, but the goal is the title of Overall Team Omnium Champion (a culminating award factoring in all five disciplines of cycling across the whole year).

We came to the 2013 USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships in Ogden, UT, with 15 athletes, prepared to compete at the highest collegiate level across three days, each racer with their own individual fueling strategy and plan. Each athlete had spent three to four months in conference races, experimenting with fueling strategies to figure out exactly what worked best for them. For many, this included the use of Hammer Bars and Hammer Gel during the longer road race day, and Hammer Gel for the shorter crits and team time trial efforts. Everyone used HEED or Perpetuem during races, as well as Recoverite afterward.

The first day of racing was team time trials, which Marian has traditionally been very strong in. Marian had a men’s and women’s team in the TTT, and both won national titles—a great way to start a long weekend of racing.

Photo: Dean Warren Photography

After victories in the TTT, we knew we would have targets on our backs. The crit men’s and women’s races were both highly contested with 130+ starters in the men’s and 70+ starters in the women’s, but Marian athletes were extremely aggressive all day. We captured 1st and 2nd places in both events, with Colton Barrett winning the men’s race and Adam Leibovitz in second, and Coryn Rivera winning the women’s race with Kaitie Antonneau right behind her.

A grueling road race ended the three-day event. Kaitie took top honors and Coryn placed 2nd out of nearly 80 starters. Adam took 2nd place (out of 165 riders) for the second day in a row, sealing up his individual omnium win. When all was said and done, Hammer Nutritionsponsored Marian University Cycling had secured the title of Overall Team Omnium Champions!


Learn more about the Marian University Cycling program over on their website and facebook page.



Mark Jolin – Fueling with Hammer at the Trans Korea 308k

September 29, 2010

Mark Jolin finishing the 308K Trans-Korea

By Mark Jolin, U.S. Army, Korea

On September 11th, I was fortunate enough to become the first foreigner to ever complete the 308K Trans-Korea. Your products were a huge reason behind my success. I was having a great race and alternating between HEED, Sustained Energy, Perpetuem, and all kinds of Hammer Gel. I really trained hard for this event and, as a result, was having a great race. For the entire race, I was alternating between 4th and 8th place with a field of 119 runners. Continue Reading »

Breck Epic 2010

September 14, 2010

Ben Parsons & Clint Muhlfield at the Breck Epic 2010

Ben Parsons & Clint Muhlfield at the Breck Epic 2010

Author: Ben Parsons – Team Hammer Nutrition/Sportsman Ski Haus

The Breck Epic consisted of 251 miles, 42,000’ of climbing over six days, and the majority of it was trail. Trail that often made you howl with joy, and trail that sometimes left you feeling like a bag of bones hurled off the face of the Eiger. Adding to the challenge, Breckenridge sits at 9500’, so we routinely raced between 10,000’ and 12,000’ so oxygen was an asset as rare and valuable as beer in the desert. As a last minute decision, we decided to race the Open Men’s Duo instead of solo, hearing there was a super stacked field and wanting to take a shot at a podium. We were also intrigued at the challenge of completing over twenty hours of racing with a teammate. Continue Reading »

Athlete Update: Ursula Grobler

September 8, 2010

Hammer Nutrition is proud to sponsor world-class rower Ursula Grobler who holds a world record and has an excellent opportunity to win an Olympic gold medal in 2012. We caught up with Ursula recently, just one month of training away from competing in the Senior World Championship Trials, as she pursues a dream that reaches all the way to Olympic Gold. Continue Reading »

Athlete Update: Millie Tanner

June 23, 2010

Millie Tanner Bike

Millie Tanner recently won the 10-14 age division in the Southern California/Nevada Junior Road Race Championships in Santa Maria on June 12th. She also won the Southern California/Nevada Junior Time Trial Championship in mid-May of this year. Continue Reading »

Steve Cullinan 1st at Mellow Johnny’s Classic

June 16, 2010

Steve Cullinan Mellow Classic PodiumSteve Cullinan recently won the 50+ age group division at the Mellow Johnny’s Classic in Dripping Springs, Texas. Continue Reading »

Richard Shields & Mike Freeman at USA/NCNCA District Criterium Championships

May 6, 2010

Richard Shields took 1st and Mike Freeman took 2nd in the 65+ USA/NCNCA District Criterium Championships on May 2nd. Congratulations to both of them!
Photo: Jim Turner

Jamie Donaldson does it again at the Philadelphia 100

April 6, 2010

Jamie Donaldson Philadelphia 100

This past weekend, Jamie Donaldson won the Philadelphia 100, earning her the title of the fastest women’s 100-mile time in the country at 14:50. She was completely fueled by Hammer Nutrition. Congratulations to Jamie and be sure to look out for her at 24 Hour Worlds in France!