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Endurolytes Fizz – How it Compares to Endurolytes Capsules

December 8, 2010

Author: Steve Born

Endurolytes Fizz (introduced recently along with Perpetuem Solids) is the newest member of the Hammer Nutrition lineup of superior, high-quality fuels. This great product gives you yet another option—and a deliciously refreshing one at that—to fulfill your body’s electrolyte requirements. Continue Reading »

Using Perpetuem Solids

December 3, 2010
Brian Frank fuels with the NEW Perpetuem Solids during the Highline Hammer while riding with friend, Marshall Opel.

Brian Frank fuels with the NEW Perpetuem Solids during the Highline Hammer while riding with friend,
Marshall Opel.

Author: Steve Born

We believe that Perpetuem Solids, while they can be used as your sole source of calories, are best used as a part-time, solid-food source of calories. They are designed primarily to augment your use of the Hammer Nutrition liquid fuels, helping you reach your targeted hourly caloric total during exercise/competition, especially that lasting more than two hours. Continue Reading »

Hammer Nutrition’s Endurolytes Fizz – A refreshing way to replenish electrolytes

October 22, 2010
Endurolytes FIZZ

Tim Vangilder finishes 3rd in the two-person relay at the Fat Tire 50 West Coast Marathon finals. - M. Vangilder

Of all of the products that we’ve introduced in the past few years, I don’t think any have gotten us as excited as Endurolytes Fizz and Perpetuem Solids. We know, without a doubt, that you will absolutely love Endurolytes Fizz for a number of reasons, including that: Continue Reading »

Synthetic versus Natural – Is there a difference?

September 24, 2010

Hammer athlete using Premium Insurance Caps

Author: Steve Born

A question that we’re frequently asked about Premium Insurance Caps is whether or not it contains “natural” ingredients. Of course, all of the “super food” ingredients in the product are natural, but what about the vitamins? Are they naturally derived? Is natural even necessary? Here are the answers to those questions. Continue Reading »

Post-Workout Refueling – A Necessity, Not an Option

August 23, 2010

Recoverite for all your post workout, recovery needs

Author: Steve Born

Athletes tend to focus on training and neglect recovery, specifically the critical step of refueling as soon as possible after each workout. We tend to think that a hard workout deserves a nice reward. Do you usually first go for a shower or relaxation after a hard workout? Are beer and pretzels your favored post–workout snack? If so, remember that a hard workout has left your body in a state of utter depletion and physiological vulnerability. However, it’s also in a state of prime receptivity, ready to absorb nutrients. Taking those few extra minutes to properly refuel is one of the most important things that you can do to improve your race day results. In fact, properly refueling your body immediately after your training session is as important as anything you did in the actual workout. When you give your body what it needs as soon as possible after exercise, it will respond wonderfully in the following ways: Continue Reading »

Supplement Suggestions for Pregnancy or Lactation

June 30, 2010

Hammer Products During PregnancyAuthors: Bill Misner, Ph.D. & Steve Born

One of the questions we frequently field is “Which Hammer Nutrition products are safe to use during pregnancy or lactation?” Before we address that question, we must first stress that all dietary supplements are required to first be confirmed “safe” by one’s physician. It is necessary for us to state this because dietary supplements taken during pregnancy and/or lactation are typically not evaluated. (Note: This is why the list below is incomplete; the maximum safe dose for many nutrients and most herbal supplements for pregnant or nursing women is largely not scientifically determined). Continue Reading »

Product Spotlight: Soni Pure

March 7, 2010

As you may know, Soni-Pure hand sanitizer is once again back in the Hammer Nutrition product line, and it really is a uniquely phenomenal product… if you haven’t tried it you really must! Soni-Pure is petroleum-free and alcohol-free so, unlike typical hand sanitizer products, it won’t dry your skin or expose you to harsh chemicals. What it will do is provide an effective defense against germs and bacteria. In fact, Soni-Pure has been shown to kill aerobic bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungi 100% for up to eight hours… that’s right – 8 HOURS! Plus, it doesn’t have that awful chemically odor; in fact, Soni-Pure smells downright pleasant! Continue Reading »

Product Spotlight: Endurance Amino

February 23, 2010

Endurance Amino Supplement

“I can not say enough good things about Endurance Amino. I used it as directed and feel like a totally different rider. I have raced two long cross country races on consecutive weekends. I raced Whiskey 50 and the next weekend raced the Idyllwild Spring Challenge 30 miler. The week in between I only took one day off and each ride I felt like going harder. I have never had the kind of power as I have felt since using Endurance Amino. As the hours go by I feel stronger. I take 4 pills after a long ride and the next day I don’t even know I had worked hard the day before. I certainly wouldn’t replace any of Hammer’s other products but Endurance Amino is number one for me.”
- Wendy Skean

Learn more about this amazing new product: Endurance Amino!

Krill Oil vs. Fish Oil – Which is better?

February 17, 2010

Krill are shrimp-like crustaceans. The oil extracted from these crustaceans, quoting one well-known nutritional scientist, “contains important omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, fatty acids found in fish oils. Krill oil also has a high amount of a potent antioxidant called astaxanthin along with small amounts of vitamin A and vitamin E, and perhaps small amounts of other undetermined beneficial  compounds.” As far as which is better, this particular nutritional scientist writes, “We often get asked whether krill oil is a better option as a supplement than fish oil or vice versa. Fish oil has a higher percentage of EPA and DHA fatty acids; however krill oil has the advantage of having astaxanthin, an important antioxidant, vitamins A and D, and possibly other nutrients such as small amounts of phospholipids.” Continue Reading »

Supplement Suggestions for Your Epic Workouts!

February 16, 2010

Supplement Suggestions for Your Epic WorkoutsWhen you’ve got long, tough workouts planned, you need the best supplement support possible to help you get the most out of every minute you put into these arduous training sessions. That’s precisely when and where these specific Hammer Nutrition products excel! This time of the year, when training volume & intensity increases, is the perfect opportunity to put these products to work for you. Below is a protocol I put together for athletes prior to the 2009 Highline Hammer in response to the question, “What supplements do you personally take before, during, and after a long, hard ride, an ‘epic’ ride?” Continue Reading »