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Periodization Principles for EMS – Keeping It Fresh, Keeping It Going

August 16, 2010
Periodization Principles for EMS

Stevie Cullinan, of the Hammer sponsored Team Waste Management, races during the Redlands Classic. Photo - Brian Smith

Author: Jim Bruskewitz

Gains in strength, power and endurance are adaptations to stress (training). If the stress remains constant, there is no need for further adaptation and improvements are followed by a performance plateau and eventually an involution or decline in performance. Continue Reading »

Laying Out Your Training Schedule? Make room for E-stim!

August 9, 2010

Laying out Your Training ScheduleAuthor: Jim Bruskewitz

If you’ve discovered training with electromuscular stimulation (EMS), you’ve no doubt found that you can cut your recovery time down significantly and increase the training load that you can absorb. We all wish we could recover more quickly, fit in more high quality training, and enjoy the increased fitness that results. Athletes find that the Globus Muscle Stimulator active recovery program is an easy and effective start to using EMS to improve their performance. Once the unit is charged, the pads placed, and the program started, the Globus Muscle Stimulator does the rest. It is programmed to flush the muscle beds of the metabolites that remain after training and make room for a fresh supple of oxygen rich, nutrient laden blood. Fitting the active recovery program sessions into a typical training week is easy. Since this program is used to enhance recovery from training, it can be used after any training session with positive results. Since the active recovery program has so much utility, it is generally the most used program. Continue Reading »

EMS Training – Riding the Edge

August 2, 2010
Owen Gue Header

Owen Gue stays focused heading into a corner. Photo - Angela Nock

Author: Jim Bruskewitz

I speak with many athletes using E-stim (Electro Muscular Stimulation = EMS). We discuss training with the Globus EMS units and the conversations are just like conversations I have with athletes for whom I write training plans. It isn’t easy to feel as though you’ve fit all the pieces together to produce a plan that yields optimal results. One of the challenges of designing a training plan that does or does not include EMS training is that we are capable on any given day of enduring a training load that is larger than one we can absorb and recover from in time to do it again quickly. What makes it all the more challenging is that we don’t know if we have stepped over the line of doing more than we can absorb until later-a day or two removed from a workout or collection of workouts. Everything may seem to be clicking along in a way that bodes well for a great performance only to find that we “get off track” and “lose our edge”. Of course experience with getting off track teaches us what we shouldn’t have done and that’s valuable information. It doesn’t do much for the frustration we feel when our good intentions leave us bent over to pick up the pieces instead of rolling smoothly toward achieving our goals. Continue Reading »

Electrical Muscle Stimulation – E-stim Power Pump

July 26, 2010

Author: Jim Bruskewitz

Let’s take a practical approach to E-stim training. Those of you that train with E-stim certainly use the active recovery to maintain frequent, high quality training. The Globus offers many strength training programs that can do as much for your training as the active recovery does. These benefits are real and quickly felt. Here’s a very basic and powerful approach that I know from personal experience works extremely well. Continue Reading »

Fit E-stim Into Your Training

July 19, 2010

Fit Estim into Your TrainingAuthor: Jim Bruskewitz

Electrical muscle stimulation mimics other activities that we do, but it is accomplished with a twist. Rather than packing up your gear and heading out somewhere, you can do a better job of building strength and pinpointing the right kind of muscle endurance work to deliver the adaptations you’re looking for in your home, office or anywhere you choose with E-stim. Globus E-stim can be controlled to get just the right amount of muscular contraction to speed your recovery from tens of hours to minutes of activity. Although it is not meant to be a substitute for the sports you love to do, it can enhance your performance when doing your cherished activities. Continue Reading »

Combining Pad Placements for Active Recovery

July 13, 2010

Through the years of using EMS to enhance my training and recovery, I’ve come up with a few tips and shortcuts that not everyone is likely to be aware of. One trick in particular has been most helpful in saving time and allowing me to work two muscle groups at once without needing the optional splitter cables. This tip I am about to describe is only recommended for Active Recovery, Massage, and Warm-Up programs, not strength building programs such as Aerobic Endurance, Resistance Strength, Base Training, etc. Continue Reading »

Get the E-stim edge

July 12, 2010

Get the Estim EdgeAuthor: Jim Bruskewitz

The Globus Sport and Fitness model Electro Muscular Stimulators are powerful training tools currently underutilized in the United States. As athletes become more familiar with what electro muscular stimulation (EMS) is and the benefits it confers, EMS will become as commonplace as heart rate monitors, inertial pace/mile running meters, and power meters for cyclists. EMS doesn’t measure relative or actual amount of work being done like the aforementioned devices, but rather improves the amount of work that one is capable of performing while training or racing. Continue Reading »

Electrical Muscle Stimulation – A Tool to Complement Training

July 5, 2010

Jim Bruskewitz gets Lorenzo Brown set up for an Active Recovery workout with the Globus after a long day of riding at the January Hammer Camp in Tucson.

Author: Giovanni Ciriani

You must have heard that Electrical Muscle Stimulation is used for rehabilitation. But after hearing about it for sport training, most people get a good laugh, as this reminds them of the marketing hype “exercise while doing nothing and watching TV”. There is a reason for this bad reputation, because done incorrectly and with the wrong tools, EMS will not achieve any result for you. Therefore I’d like to explain what EMS can really do for you. Continue Reading »

Want to Sizzle?… Warm Up First

June 28, 2010

Author: Jim Bruskewitz

What is it about exercise? Why do we forgo many of life’s other pleasures to workout? It feels good! Maybe we sacrifice a whole bunch of life’s other pleasures for years to reach a goal, but I doubt we’d even imagine that goal if the exercise didn’t feel great at some point along the way. Today I had a good early morning run before sitting down to write this. What about it was good? It FELT good. Bad workouts and races generally go hand in hand with feeling bad. Drawing on personal experience, I’d say we keep up a regular training schedule in search of another workout that feels great. Maybe success could be measured by the number of workouts that feel great in a month or a season. Continue Reading »

EMS Users Chime In

June 21, 2010
Chuck Luddeke Using Globus EMS

Chuck Luddeke uses the Globus during the Highline Hammer weekend . Photo - Kadidja Sierra

Author: Jim Bruskewitz

This season of event specific training and racing is waning. There’s still a lot to look forward to for most of us and even the biggest races loom for many, but I still find myself reflecting on what I’ve run across on the road to the season finale from all the conversations I’ve had with Electrical Muscle Stimulator – EMS – users. If I sort through the conversations it’s easy to categorize them from the most common to the somewhat unusual. Continue Reading »