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Athlete Update: Ursula Grobler

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Hammer Nutrition is proud to sponsor world-class rower Ursula Grobler who holds a world record and has an excellent opportunity to win an Olympic gold medal in 2012. We caught up with Ursula recently, just one month of training away from competing in the Senior World Championship Trials, as she pursues a dream that reaches all the way to Olympic Gold.

As a member of a lightweight doubles team with partner Abby Broughton, I am going to the Senior World Championship Trials in New Jersey at the end of September. Then we prepare for the World Championships in New Zealand. The plan is for me to race the single, double and quad, which my coach has dubbed the “3 medal challenge.”

To recap the highlights of this race season, in April Abby and I raced in Trials and qualified for the first World Cup in Bled, Slovenia. We took gold in Slovenia in May. Then Abby and I took two weeks off, because the world championship is a month later than normal, making the 2010 season longer. In July we moved to the Bellingham location to train on Lake Samish at a new, spectacular training facility. The house has a LEED certification, passing all “green” environmentally conscience building regulations. Its super energy-efficient design makes us feel super fast and efficient too when we train! Two other female rowers, Kristin Hedstrom, and Victoria Burke, joined us in August to train for the lightweight women’s quad.

Hammer Nutrition is a part of our diet, because the products are very clean. You read about companies that have hidden metals in their protein powder, and it makes you quiver! We prefer Hammer Gels, as other gels have higher calories and high fructose corn syrup. For lightweight female athletes, every calorie counts. We are in a weight-class sport, and if we don’t make the 125lb. average limit, we don’t get to race. Gel is good for after weigh-in to regain our strength quickly before we race, with a two-hour gap from weigh-in to race time.

We’re now a month away from Trials, and then if we win Trials, onward to New Zealand! My ultimate goal is the Olympics. I always keep that in mind and that keeps me motivated.

2010 Highlights:
Gold – Rowing World Cup 1 –Bled, LW2x
Gold – National Selection Regatta #2, LW2x
Gold – National Selection Regatta #1, LW1x
World Record on the Concept 2 Erg (Record was held for a decade. Ursula broke it by 2 seconds!)

Staying Focused and Fit.

Ursula Training with Hammer.

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