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Another Win in Baja for Team Pulsar Construction/Hammer Nutrition

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Team Pulsar Construction/ Hammer Nutrition at the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250

Simi Valley, CA – Along the narrow loop extending from San Felipe, Mexico, adjacent to the Sea of Cortez, the world’s fastest gather to tackle the tough terrain to the finish line. Nearly 250 entries gather to compete over 250 miles of desert racing along a course that is considered, “The Best of Baja.” In a race filled with silt, jagged rocks, narrow passes between walls of rock, and sections of shattering speed, only the world’s finest find themselves up front at the finish.

For this historic event, Team Pulsar Construction/Hammer Nutrition entered in two different competitive pro motorcycle classes, the Class 50 and Class 60. The team was headed by veteran racer Jim O’Neal, a walking Baja legend as the rider of record who has won more class titles than any other racer in history. Jim is the only rider to have competed in all 25 Baja 250 events and has now completed every 250 race event since its inception.

With months of preparation for this enormous event, each individual on the race team trained vigorously for race day. Having ridden and practiced nearly everyday for months, and with the race bikes fine-tuned to perfection, these athletes were ready to tackle two classes and put themselves to the finish line first.

The Class 50 team featured racers Jim O’Neal, Tim Withers, Andy Kirker, Lee Scheffers, and Marc Prince, who had gathered together to grab their 7th Score Baja Championship as a team. As luck would have it, however, these racers had constant pressure from Jim Dizney’s team and were able to hold on to a respectable 2nd place finish in their class.

Team Pulsar Construction/Hammer Nutrition’s Class 60 team, also led by Jim O’Neal, was comprised of Don Lewis, Sam Dempsey, Bob Gates and Ron Dugan. Knowing age is just a number, this crew took their training to a whole new level with the help of a scheduled workout program, proper diet, and the infusion of fantastic Hammer Nutrition fuels, supplements, and shakes. This team was ready to tackle riders of any age. When they hit the finish line, the checkered flag dropped, awarding Team Pulsar Construction the title of 2011 San Felipe Class Champion!

Jim O’Neal, the team’s rider of record, now enjoys 13 San Felipe Class 250 wins as well as 16 Baja Champion titles! To date, Jim is now the motorcycle racer with the single most Baja wins in racing history!



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