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2011 Race Across America (RAAM)

Posted by cvanloan on 06/27/2011 in News | 1 Comment »

The 2011 Race Across America (RAAM), an event that Hammer Nutrition has been a major sponsor of for many years, is in the books and we want to congratulate all of the competitors for their tremendous effort in “The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race.”  

A special “shout out” to Hammer Nutrition-sponsored athletes and teams:

  • Leah Goldstein claims the coveted title of “RAAM Champion” with a time of 11 days, 4 hours, 41 minutes. Leah led the Solo Female race from start to finish, and her finishing time and average speed of 11.13 m.p.h. is the fastest since 2001.
  • In the Solo Male (60-69) division, Hammer Nutrition-sponsored David Jones, competing against two other strong riders in his division (including Hammer Nutrition client Dex Tooke), claimed another RAAM victory, winning his age group division in a time of 12 days, 7 hours, 10 minutes.
  • In the 4-Person Female team race, not only did the Hammer Nutrition-sponsored Raw Milk Cats team (Catharina Berge, Lori Cherry, Isabelle Drake, and Jeanine Spence) win the 50-59 division, they did so in record fashion, and beat the two younger 4-Person Female teams, one of which was the Hammer Nutrition-sponsored Team Ride Red, which posted a most-respectable time of 7 days, 6 hours, 51 minutes


In an email we received from Raw Milk Cats team member Catharina Berge, she wrote “Once again, Hammer Nutrition has shown that the best ultra cyclists know what products to fuel themselves with.  We did more than we could have dreamed off. Not only did we break the strong 50+ record of 17.1 mph, but we also broke the overall record from 1996 (18.5 mph) going at an average speed of 19.22 mph.  We finished in 6 days, 11 hours and 34 minutes.  We impressed on everyone we saw and everyone can see what Hammer Nutrition can do for four fast smiling ladies. The supplementation and fueling strategy that you proposed, Steve, was great for us. On day three Jeanine was complaining about muscle ache and she said that it was because she had forgotten her Recoverite coming in from a pull… this just shows how important the fuel was for us. On behalf of my team, I just want to thank you again for the wonderful sponsorship that we received from you, and I think that Hammer can feel proud of their athletes.”


Congratulations from all of us at Hammer Nutrition!

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  • Nancy Guth (60) and Mary Florian (61) established the first 60+ two person female record for RAAM 2011:
    9 days, 13 hours crossing. Nancy attributes her success to constant use of Endurolytes, in every drink her crew mixed and every cup of oatmeal she consumed! Nancy and Mary continued strong through 118 degree heat in some states and never had a cramp in 9 days! Thank you, Hammer!!!

    Posted by Nancy Guth | August 18, 2011 at 7:36 pm

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