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Supplement Suggestions for Pregnancy or Lactation

June 30, 2010

Hammer Products During PregnancyAuthors: Bill Misner, Ph.D. & Steve Born

One of the questions we frequently field is “Which Hammer Nutrition products are safe to use during pregnancy or lactation?” Before we address that question, we must first stress that all dietary supplements are required to first be confirmed “safe” by one’s physician. It is necessary for us to state this because dietary supplements taken during pregnancy and/or lactation are typically not evaluated. (Note: This is why the list below is incomplete; the maximum safe dose for many nutrients and most herbal supplements for pregnant or nursing women is largely not scientifically determined). Continue Reading »

Want to Sizzle?… Warm Up First

June 28, 2010

Author: Jim Bruskewitz

What is it about exercise? Why do we forgo many of life’s other pleasures to workout? It feels good! Maybe we sacrifice a whole bunch of life’s other pleasures for years to reach a goal, but I doubt we’d even imagine that goal if the exercise didn’t feel great at some point along the way. Today I had a good early morning run before sitting down to write this. What about it was good? It FELT good. Bad workouts and races generally go hand in hand with feeling bad. Drawing on personal experience, I’d say we keep up a regular training schedule in search of another workout that feels great. Maybe success could be measured by the number of workouts that feel great in a month or a season. Continue Reading »

Hot Tip: Limit Your Nighttime Food Intake

June 26, 2010

Limit Your Nighttime Food IntakeMetabolism is most active up until dinnertime, so the majority of your food intake should occur before that magic hour of somewhere between 5 and 7 p.m. High calorie evening and late night meals jeopardize normal sleep patterns and thus severely limit human growth hormone (hGH) release, which is absolutely KEY for you to improve, grow stronger, and stay healthy.

Thanks to Al Lyman for this Hot Tip

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Athlete Update: Millie Tanner

June 23, 2010

Millie Tanner Bike

Millie Tanner recently won the 10-14 age division in the Southern California/Nevada Junior Road Race Championships in Santa Maria on June 12th. She also won the Southern California/Nevada Junior Time Trial Championship in mid-May of this year. Continue Reading »

EMS Users Chime In

June 21, 2010
Chuck Luddeke Using Globus EMS

Chuck Luddeke uses the Globus during the Highline Hammer weekend . Photo - Kadidja Sierra

Author: Jim Bruskewitz

This season of event specific training and racing is waning. There’s still a lot to look forward to for most of us and even the biggest races loom for many, but I still find myself reflecting on what I’ve run across on the road to the season finale from all the conversations I’ve had with Electrical Muscle Stimulator – EMS – users. If I sort through the conversations it’s easy to categorize them from the most common to the somewhat unusual. Continue Reading »

Hot Tip: Increase Fiber, Minimize High GI Carb Consumption

June 19, 2010

Increase Fiber Minimize High GI Carb ConsumptionTo help prevent weight gain, especially during the off-season, keep dietary fiber intake above 30 grams daily while making sure consumption of high glycemic carbohydrates is limited to during or immediately following exercise.

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Rock/Creek Videos

June 17, 2010

The crew over at Rock/Creek has been creating amazing videos at their events, many of which we sponsor. Check out their YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/rockcreeker

Here is their video from the 2009 Stump Jump 50k:

Steve Cullinan 1st at Mellow Johnny’s Classic

June 16, 2010

Steve Cullinan Mellow Classic PodiumSteve Cullinan recently won the 50+ age group division at the Mellow Johnny’s Classic in Dripping Springs, Texas. Continue Reading »

Want a Strong Performance? Build Strength.

June 14, 2010

Globus Unit HeaderAuthor: Jim Bruskewitz

What are you doing this July? I haven’t completed all the details on that at this point, but I do have some general ideas. If this July is like those in the past, I’ll be out exercising in the evenings because it’ll be warm and still light out. I’ll be gearing up for races and events that I’ve already decided I am doing. I’ll have identified areas that I want to improve upon for the remainder of the season and beyond. All of that happens every July in recent memory. Come to think of it, I’ll probably be wishing that I had addressed some things earlier in the year that would make my preparations a bit easier and reaching my goals less of a stretch. What am I doing now? It wouldn’t be a bad idea for me to address those weaknesses that pop up every July. Continue Reading »

Hot Tip: An Easy Way to Take Race Day Boost

June 12, 2010

I measure one teaspoon into a gel flask and take about two flasks to work. When the time comes for my Race Day Boost, I use warm to hot tap water, filling up the flask to about 4-5oz, shake rigorously, and drink. I have done about 5 cycles this way and find it very easy. I don’t use juice, as warm water helps to dissolve the powder better. It just tastes like salt water.

Thanks to Hammer client Anthony Parsells for this Hot Tip

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