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Hammer Camaraderie at Lake Havasu Triathlon

March 31, 2010

Lincoln Murdoch & Bruce Balch at Lake Havasu Tri

Race report from Lincoln Murdoch at the Lake Havasu Triathlon in Lake Havasu City, AZ: Continue Reading »

Kenda Riders Kick Off the Season in Bonnelli Park

March 29, 2010

Kenda Riders Andy Shultz and Colin CaresLeft: Andy Shultz
Right: Colin Cares
Hammer sponsored Kenda/Felt pro mountain bike team kicking off their season in Bonnelli Park, California.

Hot Tip: Use Endurolytes During Bikram Yoga

March 26, 2010

Use Endurolytes During Hot YogaMy Endurolytes have been sitting in the cupboard with all the chilly weather we’ve been having as of late. However, I came across a two weeks unlimited Bikram (Hot) Yoga for $20 offer that I couldn’t pass up. For those of you unfamiliar with Bikram Yoga, it is a 90- minute class performed in a room heated to about 105 degrees and 30% humidity. If you are not soaked after the first 10 minutes of practice, something is definitely wrong with you! Continue Reading »

Yolanda Flamino – 2010 USATF Women’s 50 km Champion

March 25, 2010

Yolanda Flamino USATF Women's 50km Champion
Hammer sponsored athlete, Yolanda Flamino, took first place this past weekend, becoming the 2010 USATF Women’s 50km Champion. Yolanda finished with a time of 3:34:26. Continue Reading »

Hot Tip: Satisfying Hydration Requirements Prior to a Workout or Race

March 20, 2010

Satisfying Hydration Requirements Prior to a Workout or RaceJaclyn, pounding down some HEED, at the Girls Junior Olympic Volleyball Championships in Miami. Photo: Perry Barrette

Here are a couple recommendations for ensuring that you’re properly hydrated prior to the start of a workout or race: Continue Reading »

Hammer Camp: Winter Training Paradise

March 15, 2010

WOW!!! Where do I start? I can honestly say that Hammer Nutrition’s Cycling Camp is off the charts! First and foremost, the services are five star. The pampering begins with an airport pick up, a full bike set up upon arrival at the Tucson Cycling House, daily bike maintenance after each ride, full sag support on each ride, individualized coaching, and the most in-depth guidance available on fueling, sustained endurance, and nutrition.

The Cycling House Front Continue Reading »

Hot Tip: You Don’t Have to Use What’s at the Aid Stations

March 13, 2010

You Don’t Have to Use What’s at the Aid StationsGo with what got you there! You don’t have to use what’s at the aid stations.

A big fallacy is the notion that you have to rely on what is at an event to get you through your event. You have to remember the 6 P’s – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Continue Reading »

Product Spotlight: Soni Pure

March 7, 2010

As you may know, Soni-Pure hand sanitizer is once again back in the Hammer Nutrition product line, and it really is a uniquely phenomenal product… if you haven’t tried it you really must! Soni-Pure is petroleum-free and alcohol-free so, unlike typical hand sanitizer products, it won’t dry your skin or expose you to harsh chemicals. What it will do is provide an effective defense against germs and bacteria. In fact, Soni-Pure has been shown to kill aerobic bacteria, yeast, mold, and fungi 100% for up to eight hours… that’s right – 8 HOURS! Plus, it doesn’t have that awful chemically odor; in fact, Soni-Pure smells downright pleasant! Continue Reading »

Hot Tip: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

March 6, 2010

Delayed Onset Muscle SorenessPhoto taken at Jon Berghoff’s 400 Mile Extreme Marathon to help raise funding and awareness for the Front Row Foundation. Photo Courtesy: Carl Drew and Lindsay Musser

One of the techniques I’ve used to help with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is to follow the “Hammer Whey protein before bed” protocol. It’s worked well for me on several occasions now. I also seem to sleep better too. These last few months I’ve gradually migrated from running to cycling, becoming a daily commuter. The ride is mildly hilly 14 miles each way to the office. When I first started, I was pretty much guaranteed to be sore the next day after the ride home. It’s mostly uphill, so I started with the “Hammer Whey before bedtime” protocol and found out I wasn’t as sore the next day. Within a week, I was able to ride back to back days. Personally, I’ve kept the protocol going, even though I ride 5 days a week and I’m not sore anymore. I just feel better the next day, especially towards the end of the week.

Thanks to Mark S. for this Hot Tip

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Jamie Donaldson 1st at LOST 118 Mile Run

March 2, 2010

This past weekend Jamie Donaldson took first place at the LOST 118 Mile Endurance Run. Jamie broke the previous course records for both men and women with a time of 18:36:15. The previous men’s record was 21:52:25 and the previous women’s record was 24:45:15.

Message from Jamie:
I am normally pretty conservative, but I really tried to push the pace and it worked!  I am very excited. I fueled on Perpeteum and Hammer Gel during the race and felt energized the entire way!

Congratulations to Jamie on her excellent performance!